Cloud Monitoring: Create custom notification channels

Cloud Monitoring: Create custom notification channels

Are you looking to learn how to send alerts from Cloud Monitoring to your custom notification service?

In this video, we share the different ways of processing notifications from Cloud Monitoring. Watch this video to learn the steps involved in sending the notifications from Cloud Monitoring using Cloud Run to your custom notification service, including a description of the sample notification service and of the Cloud Run code.


0:00 - Intro

0:15 - Notification Channels

0:49 - Alerts and Notifications

1:15 - Custom Notification Channel: Different Options

1:39 - Custom Notification Channel using Cloud Run

2:23 - Prerequisites for creating custom channel

3:05 - Notification Structure

4:01 - Notification Routing via Labels

4:30 - Cloud Run Code

5:13 - Test Pub/Sub

5:13 - Further Reading

Pub/Sub and Cloud Run Tutorial →

  • Much more detail on integrating Pub/Sub and Cloud Run.
  • Includes a detailed description of the message schema.

Blog post covering integration with chat via Terraform →

  • Includes all the Terraform needed to set up a complete 3rd party integration with Google Chat as the example integration.
  • You can learn a lot from this tutorial but you do have to unpack the Terraform and source.

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