CircleCI Product Roadmap Webinar

CircleCI Product Roadmap Webinar

Nov 3, 2023

CircleCI VP Product, Aakar Shroff, shares an in-depth look at just-launched and upcoming features. This 60–minute webinar includes a quick overview of new features you may not have seen yet, a peek at what’s to come, and exclusive early access to preview features.

Recently-launched updates, include:

  • Arm on Docker
  • Mac M1 resource classes
  • Server 4.2
  • Config policies
  • Re-run failed tests
  • [Preview!] AI error summarization

Get a sneak peek of new features in the works, including:

  • Deploy + release capabilities within CircleCI
  • Generic webhooks: trigger pipelines from anywhere
  • New resource classes
  • More AI features