Building Embedded Systems at Scale with Device Metrics

Building Embedded Systems at Scale with Device Metrics

Apr 21, 2022

As embedded development teams build IoT products, there are often questions about what visibility they'll have into devices once they are in the field. How are the devices performing? Is battery power lasting as long as we planned and marketed? What caused this connectivity issue and how do we fix it? What features are customers using most?

To properly assess the value of past and future product investments, embedded developers need to implement diagnostic capabilities that help monitor critical metrics that give them insight into overall fleet performance.

Watch this panel discussion with embedded engineering experts and listen to them share success stories and lessons learned from implementing device metrics. They discuss why you need to implement a monitoring system, when to put it in place, what metrics you should track, and more.


  • Phillip Johnston (Founder, Embedded Artistry)
  • Tyler Hoffman (Co-Founder, Memfault)
  • Shiva Rajagopal (Staff Embedded Software Engineer, Google)

Discussion Panel: 0:00 – 49:53
Q&A from live audience: 49:54 – 01:16