Analyze Pacemaker logs in Cloud Logging

Analyze Pacemaker logs in Cloud Logging

As an SAP system administrator, you've probably asked yourself: why did my Compute Instance restart? Why did Pacemaker restart my instance? Why did/didn’t my SAP system failover?

By streaming Pacemaker logs into Cloud Logging, you can now find the answers to these questions by using a Cloud Logging query template to filter out the noise generated by Pacemaker logs.


0:00 - Intro

0:12 - FAQ

0:25 - Prerequisites

0:51 - Step by step guide on how to set up Cloud Logging

0:58 - Cloud Logging Query template

1:46 - Scenario 1: Primary instance was restarted

3:27 - Scenario 2: HANA Primary is unresponsive

4:18 - False-positive check for SFAIL

4:44 - Checking for SFAIL with SRHook

5:03 - Troubleshooting Guides

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