AIOps Essentials: What is AIOps? | AIOps Use Cases with Elastic Observability (1/5)

AIOps Essentials: What is AIOps? | AIOps Use Cases with Elastic Observability (1/5)

Jan 12, 2023

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is a way to automate tasks that are typically carried out by site reliability engineers (SREs). It aims to make the lives of SREs easier by helping them reduce the amount of noise coming from systems, surface issues more easily, and perform root cause analysis by correlating data from different systems. AIOps can also automate actions based on identified problems using machine learning. In this video series, we demonstrate how to use Elastic to implement AIOps.

This first part focus on Data Collection, here we will run the OpenTelemetry demo on a Kubernetes cluster and we use an Elastic Agent to collect logs, metrics, and traces and send them to Elastic Cloud. There is a GitHub repository for this series that can be used if you want to follow along:


00:00 - Introduction

01:08 - AIOPS five use cases

03:10 - Elastic stack, Elastic Cloud, on-premises, or on Kubernetes

03:46 - OpenTelemetry demo and Infrastructure

05:22 - Elastic Cloud

08:34 - Free Machine Learning node in Elastic Cloud

09:02 - Deploying the Elastic Agent in Kubernetes

09:45 - Deploying the OpenTelemetry Demo

10:15 - Customizing the Opentelemetry Collector

10:56 - Steps to retrieve the APM endpoint and token

12:35 - Configuring the Opentelemetry Collector through Helm

13:34 - Services in Elastic APM

16:10 - Fleet, and adding new agents

19:00 - Kubernetes Integration

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