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Web 2 vs Web 3 | What It Means and Why It Matters

While Web 2 caters to the current internet generation, Web 3 is known as the semantic web. In this video, we explore these two concepts, their differences, and their possible applications. The Internet has progressed rapidly from the early days of Web 1, which included static texts and visuals, to the current version – Web 2. We are presently entering the Web 3 era, in which value and data will easily move across decentralized platforms with distributed ownership and control. But, what else does Web 3 feature? How is it different from Web 2?

What is Ransomware and how to prevent ransomware attacks

Find out what ransomware is and its types in this super easy beginner’s guide. This quick video guide explains how ransomware attacks work and the steps enterprises can take to mitigate ransomware. The video also answers questions on – what are the stages of a ransomware attack, what are the various ransomware encryption techniques, and best practices to prevent ransomware attacks.

Tech Talk: How To Navigate the Cyber Threat Landscape Next Year

Johan Dreyer, Field CTO, Mimecast joins Neha Kulkarni for a little serious and light-hearted conversation on the challenges and priorities of cyber threats and how to navigate these challenges. In this edition of Tech Talk, Johan discusses how the threat landscape is evolving in the backdrop of a hybrid workspace and the steps security teams can take to gain visibility into the state of remote endpoints. He also talks about the new-age tactics threat actors are implementing to execute a breach and building a security-first mindset.

Kubernetes: Everything You Need To Know

Find out what Kubernetes is and how it helps in your digital transformation journey in this super easy beginner’s guide. This quick video guide explains how Kubernetes works and deep dives into the Kubernetes architecture. The video also answers questions on – why Kubernetes matters in today’s modern enterprise and discusses the benefits of going down the Kubernetes road.

Tech Talk: Why Enterprises Need To Invest in Immersive Tech Next

Charlton Monsanto, EVP Digital CX, Capgemini joins Neha Kulkarni for a little serious and light-hearted conversation on why organizations need to get bigger on immersive tech and how to navigate the challenges that lay ahead. In this edition of Tech Talk, Charlton discusses the state of the immersive technology industry and what it means for the average techie, how businesses can harness immersive tech to streamline their ops, and how immersive tech will shape the enterprise’s future.