Why Use Storage as a Service

Why Use Storage as a Service

Most businesses are moving towards Storage as a Service for their data storage needs, and for good reasons. Storage as a Service (STaaS) is not synonymous with cloud storage, although cloud storage can be part of the model. STaas refers to outsourcing your data storage needs to a third party.

You can choose to have the infrastructure on your premises and manage it using your existing IT personnel and resources or have the third-party vendor handle everything offsite. Regardless of your choice, Storage as a Service comes with numerous advantages for your business. Here are a few reasons you should consider STaaS if you haven't yet.

1. Cost-effectiveness

One of the goals of every business is to cut down expenses and increase revenue. Using Storage as a Service allows you to reduce costs and channel the money to other crucial aspects of your business. When you outsource your data storage, you don’t have to hire IT personnel, rent space for equipment, or incur the costs of maintenance and upgrades.

If you can align your business data type to the cloud storage offerings, the entire process can be highly cost-effective as you don't have to set up a private infrastructure. You get to transfer the cost of maintenance, management, and upgrades to a third party. You also take advantage of new technologies without investing in software, hardware, and personnel.

2. Increased Data Security

Most people believe that STaaS is less secure than private or on-premise solutions as it uses public cloud storage resources. While it may be true that STaas come with increased vulnerability, vendors use this fact to take extra security measures for your company’s data.

STaas providers know their way around cloud security and have measures, personnel and policies focused on safeguarding the data they manage. Note that the offered data security will vary depending on the vendor. As such, always ask about the benefits you are getting before settling on a service provider. Having your information fully protected is critical to your business' growth. The people specializing in SAN storage solutions at nfina.com can explain how this system ensures data security and high levels of efficiency. For example, their storage solutions use multipathing to provide redundancy and ensure efficient data dispersal.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

When using Storage as a Service, you can scale up your data storage to accommodate your increasing needs as your company grows. You can easily adjust the storage capacity upwards whenever you need to without incurring the cost of new servers. You also pay only for what you use.

Additionally, any authorized employee can access data in the cloud storage remotely. This allows your business to continue with operations regardless of the location of your staff. With help from remote access software, your employees can access what is on their desktops or devices anywhere.

4. Disaster Recovery

Data loss through cybercrime or natural disasters can cripple your business or threaten its continuity. Most STaas providers offer disaster recovery plans to help your business get back on its feet after a data breach or loss. You also benefit from offsite backup, meaning you can retrieve your lost data within a short time and reduce downtime.

With a dedicated team handling your data storage and ensuring everything runs as it should, a data security breach is unlikely. If anything happens to jeopardize your data security, you have the peace of mind that professionals will handle it and put your right on track as soon as possible.

With the above benefits, it is clear that STaas can improve the efficiency of your business, give you a competitive edge and secure its continuity in case of disasters. It is especially valuable for small and midsized businesses, businesses that need tiered storage solutions, and those with limited staff and resources. However, always research potential vendors and compare their offerings before settling to ensure you get a solution that aligns with your business needs and situation.