What Are Some Common Mac Problems You May Encounter?

What Are Some Common Mac Problems You May Encounter?

Dec 2, 2020
2 minutes

You are bound to encounter Macbook performance issues, particularly when your model gets a bit old. Nevertheless, such problems do not mean that you need to replace the computer.

You can manage most problems yourself. It is a matter of experience and knowing where to look for the right answers.

This article covers Macbook problems that you are most likely to encounter. The solutions are provided as well, so you should understand how to deal with Mac issues after reading the article.

Problem #1 – Spinning Beach Ball

If a spinning beach ball becomes too persistent, the message is quite clear – your system cannot keep up with the processes in the background. If you initiate an application and it crashes, forcing it to quit every time or restarting the Mac is not a fun experience. 

As far as solutions go, limit the number of background applications. Decluttering the desktop and scanning for potential viruses on the computer might help as well. If you are still stuck, you have an option to reinstall the OS, and that usually fixes most performance problems.

Problem #2 – Underperforming Web Browser

If you are struggling with an internet browser, why not take a look at the extensions and add-ons you have installed? Missing the most recent version of the browser could also be another reason. Though it should update automatically, sometimes these updates fail to install properly.

Problem #3 – Poor Battery Lifespan

Poor Battery Lifespan

Do not be surprised to see that an old Macbook has battery problems. There are times when you have to use the laptop without any electric sockets available nearby, and if the battery runs out quickly, you will not finish your work.

Get rid of visual effects and quit unnecessary apps. Enable auto-brightness and turn off Bluetooth. Finally, use Energy Saver to tweak battery life.

Problem #4 – Flickering Screen

A flickering screen is usually a result of the incompatibility between the operating system and the GPU. If you started to experience the problem after updating the OS, switch back to the old version and wait for a hotfix. 

Even though it is recommended to install system updates, some changes do more harm than good. Thus, do not be alarmed if you experience flickering screens or other Macbook errors after a new OS version. 

Problem #5 – Overheating

Overheating is not something you can deal with easily if you are stuck in a poorly-ventilated room. However, if the internal fans of the Macbook cannot keep up despite optimal temperature in a room, it means that you have a real problem.

Start with removing dust and dirt that accumulated inside the computer. You may be reluctant to take the Macbook apart yourself as it is quite risky, especially with no prior experience. If so, get in touch with a nearby service store and ask their employees to take care of the issue for you.

A cooling pad is also something worth considering. The accessory is relatively cheap, but it provides a lot of value for its price. An additional source of cold air for the computer system would reduce the burden of the internal Macbook fans. And if your internal fans fail to do their work, it will not take too long before something happens to the Macbook’s hardware.

Problem #6 – Unavailable Internet Connection

Unavailable Internet Connection

The ISP is not always at fault for no internet connection. It may be that the problem lies with your computer. If restarting the Mac and reconnecting to the network after setting up it again does not help, you still have a couple of options.

Check if any third-party peripherals may be in the way of Wi-Fi. For example, you may not have internet access because a scanner is jamming the signal.

Similar to other performance issues, malware or viruses could also be the cause, especially now when there are so many different cybersecurity threats. 

Trying to browse the web using a virtual private network might also solve the situation. You would have a different IP address and encrypted data. 

Problem #7 – Unresponsive Microphone

If the built-in Macbook microphone is unresponsive, check whether it has the necessary permissions. Some applications require permission to access the mic, and you need to provide that manually.

If the issue persists, try to adjust microphone settings. Play with input and output. On the off chance that it makes no difference, you may need to take the computer to a service shop and ask them to replace the internal microphone.


To sum it all up, it should be clear that you can manage at least some Macbook problems yourself and without investing too much money. Keep in mind that taking proper care of the computer helps. If you maintain it in the best possible condition, there will be fewer issues.