USU Software Asset Management is Verified for Data Discovery of JAVA Software

USU Software Asset Management is Verified for Data Discovery of JAVA Software

Nov 2, 2022
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Möglingen, Germany – 2 November, 2022. USU Group, a leading provider of IT and customer service management solutions, announced today that their USU Software Asset Management solution has been verified by Oracle for data discovery of JAVA software. This means that Oracle will accept data from the USU solution instead of deploying Oracle measurement tools in case of the preparation for an audit.

Combined with their prior verification for Oracle Database, Database Options and Oracle Fusion Middleware the USU solution can provide valuable data for end-to-end coverage of a company's Oracle environment.

USU is a trusted partner of Oracle, and this new verification ensures their data collection fully meets Oracle's standards. By using the USU Software Asset Management solution customers can gather accurate data about the installation and usage of JAVA products, and submit it in a software compliance audit as an alternative of using Oracle's scripts.

"We see an increasing customer demand for discovering JAVA because of licensing changes that started back in 2019. Our customers can rely on our straightforward solution delivering granular data such as version, update, installation path, CPU and cores, which are all crucial indicators for compliance," said Hans-Peter Kozica, Managing Director at USU.

USU Software Asset Management is verified by Oracle for its discovery of Java SE Desktop subscription and Java SE Processor subscription. The USU solution is also verified for collecting installation and usage data for Oracle Database, Database Options and Oracle Fusion Middleware. The solution uses that data for compliance reporting and deep optimization features. Important tasks include detecting and downgrading databases, excluding options that could be false positives, and deactivating costly accidental activations.

This press release is available on the USU website.

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