Topical Marketing Campaign: Everything You Need To Know

Topical Marketing Campaign: Everything You Need To Know

As different industries become competitive, the need for unique and quirky promotional campaigns is surging. Marketing teams constantly brainstorm ideas to attract potential audiences and boost brand visibility.

However, when creative blocks strike, it becomes pretty challenging to plan a successful campaign. That’s where topical marketing becomes a savior. It ensures that brands reach out to mass audiences, raise brand awareness and generate leads.

Perhaps, you might be wondering- What is topical marketing, and how will it benefit your brand? Continue reading to know!

What Is A Topical Marketing Campaign?

Topical campaigns are also known as moment marketing. It includes using the latest events- in the industry or around the globe and turning them into brand marketing.

The event is often trending and holds the interest of different audiences. When your brand publishes a post revolving around the trend, it is likely to grab the attention of internet users. If the post is captivating, the social media users will share it on different platforms, boosting the brand image and engagement rate.

Take FIFA 2022 as an example. Numerous local or international brands promoted their products or services by adding an element of FIFA, be it football or player.

Is Topical Marketing Unplanned?

No, this marketing technique only provides the idea of promoting the brand. You still need to draft a proper plan as they usually would. However, you have to be quick, as today’s trending topic might become outdated tomorrow.

It means you need a team to watch social media trends, especially Twitter, as it’s the first platform to highlight trending topics. After identifying the topic, your copywriters will modify the trend for your brand along with a catchy hashtag.

Now that you have all the content, you can use Twitter Video Downloader to easily download the video or gifs and edit it for your brand. Believe it or not, it will help you take the lead over the marketing campaigns and drive the target audience’s attention.

How To Measure The Success Of Your Campaign?

The success of topical campaigns can be evaluated by measuring the social media metrics- number of likes, shares, and comments. Apart from this, you can use social media insights to determine the campaign’s success on every platform.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that for the moment, marketing to work and shower its perks, time is of the essence. You can’t be late in publishing the post, as it will lower the campaign’s impact. Similarly, you can not post within a few minutes of a topic trending as that’s when major brands will post, so they can potentially overpower your campaign.

That’s why you need to conduct competitor research to choose an appropriate time to publish a topical post. A successful campaign will make certain that you reap the following perks:

  • Increase in the number of followers
  • Ensure content relevancy
  • Improve brand interactions
  • Share the brand message in a simple way
  • Elevates market value

Wrapping It All Up

Topical or moment marketing can facilitate brand awareness. However, you need to make sure that your team has access to appropriate resources to implement this strategy.