Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Students

Top 6 AI Writing Tools for Students

In some majors, students do so much writing that they can’t possibly do without writing assistance. Otherwise, never-ending homework is almost guaranteed to lead to burnout and loss of interest in one’s degree. One of the ways to lessen the burden is to get professional help from writing services. But to buy a subscription for an AI-driven AI writing tool or two is also a great idea. Here are the top few to look out for if you’re looking for writing help (in this exact order). 

#1 is a peak-level tool in the paraphrasing industry. With a special mention of the remarkable As students delve into various writing assignments, the indispensability of efficient and effective paraphrasing cannot be overstated. With the exceptional paraphrase capabilities offered by, students are equipped with a powerful resource that effortlessly enables them to rephrase sentences, restructure paragraphs, and elevate their writing to new heights.

This cutting-edge tool harnesses the prowess of artificial intelligence, providing valuable suggestions for alternative word choices that enhance clarity, foster originality, and uphold academic integrity. Whether it's paraphrasing research materials, composing essays, or crafting unique content, the inclusion of paraphrase tool ensures that students can excel in their writing endeavors while nurturing their distinctive voice.

#2 Grammarly

Grammarly is the best writing tool for students and anyone else who writes regularly. It’s branded as a “typing assistant,” but this doesn’t do the app justice. Grammarly is so much more than just a spell checker. It helps struggling writers do better, and there’s almost no limit to what it’s capable of. Among other things, Grammarly has an in-built plagiarism checker, and it’s quite accurate. So when you’re paying for the app ($30 a month, which sure isn’t cheap), you’re getting a spell checker, an instrument that’ll help you practice your writing skills, and anti-plagiarism software. It’s worth the price.

As you can choose the settings for every text, you can adjust the spell checker and suggestions to the type of writing that is currently relevant to you. You can choose a neutral tone and longer average sentence length when you seek assistance with an academic assignment, for example, a research paper. But if you’re writing something less formal, like an online opinion piece, you can change the settings for a friendlier tone and easier-to-read sentence structures. Grammarly’s personalized suggestions will help you get rid of everything that doesn’t match your target. Just don’t forget to adjust the settings.

#3 Jasper

Jasper is less helpful for students than online content writers and business owners. But there are still a few ways it can make a student’s life easier. Jasper is an AI writing assistant capable of such things as:

  • Findings and replacing specific words and phrases

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you had to replace every use of the word “sportsmen” in a 40-page-long paper about sports because you’ve suddenly remembered that the inclusive word is “athlete”? If you have, you probably realize how helpful Jasper’s ability to replace specific words can be.

  • Identifying key information in the text

As an AI-driven tool, Jaster can do the things that one wouldn’t expect from something as seemingly simple as a writing assistant. Jasper can help you find all the key information in the text, such as names, addresses, dates, and whatnot. It can make the research process easier for students. You’ll no longer have to read a 300-page-long book in its entirety out of fear that you’ll miss something important plot-wise.

  • Fixing punctuation and spacing

This one’s but an extra feature for Jasper, but it will definitely help any writer who has no shortage of ideas but struggles with commas. 

  • Paraphrasing

Sure, all academic papers should be completely original, so it’s wiser to write them from scratch. But using Jasper’s paraphrasing feature for longer quotes you find during your research isn’t that big of a deal. Just remember to cite them correctly.

#4 WordTune

WordTune is irreplaceable for everyone who struggles with clarity in their writing. Just like the failure to put commas in the right places, an unnecessarily complicated text makes it difficult for the reader to understand the author’s ideas, no matter how bright they are. English is one of the most straightforward languages out there. But some students still manage to make it sound unreadable. Well, ask an expert from CustomWritings or another essay writing service—and they’ll tell you that WordTune can totally help. It takes the essay or any other text you’ve written and paraphrases it to maximize clarity.

Also, WordTune can rewrite the content to change the tone completely. For example, you can write a passage about a movie for an academic paper and then use the service to rewrite it into a paragraph suitable for a movie review posted on a website for cinema lovers. It’s super convenient for students who have their own blogs where they write content covered in college classes yet adapted for the audience. Just like most AI-driven writing services, WordTune has a free plan (which is okay but limited in terms of the features available) and a premium. The premium is very affordable (about $25 a year).

#5 Rytr

Rytr is a writing tool with some of the best reviews in the industry. It has a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5, which is impressive. The purpose of the tool is to help you create various written content. Even though it’s mostly for non-academic texts (for example, blogs that most companies have on their websites), it can be helpful for a student as well. There are very few things Rytr can’t do. For example, you can write just a heading, and the service will write an entire paragraph for you based on the heading alone. You’ll just have to edit the results.

Another helpful feature Rytr has is rewriting content. If you have a company and need to post five posts on your business’s social media pages that would not be identical, Rytr is perfect for you. Unlike tons of competitors, it is actually an expert in this. The paraphrase sounds quite natural and doesn’t distort the content of the original text too much. As a student, you can use this feature when writing summaries or literature reviews. All you have to do is have Rytr paraphrase the abstract of the article you need to summarize. And you’ll get quality results.

#6 ProWritingAid

Finally, the fifth AI writing tool that can make a huge difference in your essays is ProWritingAid. It’s similar to Grammarly. ProWritingAid helps you check the grammar, style, and tone of your paper and offers helpful custom recommendations on how to improve it. For example, if you keep using overused words akin to “simple,” ProWritingAid will point this out to you. If you use “the U.S.” in some sentences and “the USA” in others, the tool will draw your attention to the inconsistency.

Just like Grammarly, ProWritingAid explains the reason for every place in the text it recommends you to change. So your writing gets more polished the longer you’re using the tool. What’s more, ProWritingAis is a little cheaper than most competitors ($20 a month), so it’s more affordable for people on a student budget. And it also has a free version, even though it’s so limited in terms of the features available that it’s basically useless. Compared to Grammarly, ProWritingAid is slower and a little less accurate. But the $10 difference in monthly pricing between the two makes ProWritingAid appealing nonetheless.