Top 5 Best Countries to Study Law in 2023

Top 5 Best Countries to Study Law in 2023

Law is a big field, and it has been for ages. And in the coming times, the demand to be a lawyer is rapidly increasing. Many students scout through the best universities to get into law every year. Of course, this field is difficult, but with enough help, students have managed to improve their careers in law.

Now, even before getting law dissertation help, how do you pick a nice university? Since you are already here, we will make your job easier by suggesting the best 5 countries to study law in 2023.

1) United States of America (USA)

The USA is the hub of tons of students internationally. Every year they have loads of applicants pursuing different fields. And one of the most predominant fields is none other than law. The best universities for law, like Yale University, Stanford, and Harvard, are all in the USA.

The law course in the USA lasts 4 years, after which you must give two examinations to become a licensed lawyer. One of the biggest advantages of studying in the USA is that students can practice law in other areas. This includes politics, business, economics, diplomacy, etc. On average, the salary of a law student is $126930 per year.

They have the best colleges along with options that are suitable for students. Cheap accommodations, endless seminars, cross programs, scholarships, advanced health care system are a few.

2) United Kingdom (UK)

The USA might have the most popular universities in the world. But the UK is said to be the birthplace of common law. It is rightly believed that one-third of the world's law is derived from here. Durham University is one of the most popular law universities globally.

The biggest advantage of studying law in the UK is the shorter study duration. The course only lasts for three years. Another advantage is that students get to practice law legally in some of the biggest firms.

Prominent law firms like Clifford Chance and DLA Piper are UK-based. Of course, the UK also has many cheap and high-end accommodation facilities catering to the needs of different students. They support diverse cultures and have good administration, faculty, and vital courses to support students in their law careers fully.

3) Canada

Next up on the list is Canada. Canada also attracts numerous international students annually. This is because the Canadian degree is recognized worldwide, offering multiple options for students. Also, the legal studies of Canada are based on the world, meaning it offers knowledge of the world law system globally.

 The lifestyle and easy acceptance are what attract the majority of the students. And when it comes to offering law courses, it is not much behind the USA and the UK.

Here the study period is again three years, but the catch is one must have a prior undergraduate degree in law. Its advantages include allowing students to attend law trials/moot trials in court. Another is that Canadian students can be exchanged to other universities in Australia or the UK. Renowned colleges like the University of Toronto offer courses in criminal law, constitutional law, property law, and contract law. Canadian law students can also practice in diverse law firms from various backgrounds.

Once their course is complete, Canada allows law students to sharpen their skills by offering various opportunities. Law students can work in nongovernmental organizations or practice in legal aid clinics. Since the economy of Canada is quite good, students can get decent salaries and have a sustainable lifestyle.

4) Australia

Coming next, we have Australia. Although it is very young compared to Canada and the UK, it has been able to make its mark. Many students from Harvard, China, and the UK come to study here. The University of Sydney is ranked in the 12th position of best law schools in the country. Other famous universities are the University of Melbourne and the University of South Wales.

It is quite popular because of the dynamic culture that the exchange students offer. The welcoming nature with promising living standards is what makes it stand out. Other advantages include the longest work permit, with fast-paced permanent residency for international students.

5) Japan

And finally, we have Japan, which is not a very popular choice for students yet offers an excellent opportunity. Some of the best universities, like Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo, are very popular for their Japanese law culture. Japan is one of the best choices because this island nation has a literacy rate of 100%.

Although the main focus is Japanese law, students can know about different angles and perspectives in Westernized law practice. Japan also has extensive libraries to help law students gain more knowledge outside of class.

After completing their course, students can practice law in Japanese law firms. Or they can also work for themselves. Overall their rich culture offers plenty of opportunities and a high salary, which gives a secure lifestyle.

Choosing the best law school depends on the student’s finances, eligibility, and other factors. While picking a discipline or sub-discipline, it is important to pick one which seems acceptable. Questions like the following are some which should be thought upon:

® Where can I practice law after course completion?

® How long will it take me to complete my law education?

® Are there any other areas where I can practice my legal aid?

Hopefully, this blog will give you an idea of the best countries to study law. If you were skeptical about all schools and had difficulty deciding, use this blog to get direction for your future career path.