Technical Logistics - A Booming Sector

Technical Logistics - A Booming Sector

We are living in a world of ones and zeros, of that there is no doubt, and digital tech is firmly entrenched in all our lives. Google is a classic example, where would we be without Google Search and Google Maps? You probably make good use of Alexa in your home, and why not? Every aspect of society is changing, adapting to digital solutions and that demands technical logistics; think about access control systems that you use on a daily basis, these systems are installed and maintained by tech logistic teams.


This is one sector that is undergoing big changes, with specialised medical device logistics companies working round the clock to install and maintain MRI and CT scanners, not to mention the many other medical devices they handle. Technicians must attend courses run by the manufacturer in order to be approved to work with the technical equipment. Imagine the difficulty in getting an MRI scanner from the ground floor (outside the hospital) to the 7th floor and finally seated at the location – this takes a lot of planning and last-mile delivery is a service offered by tech logistics companies.

State-of-the-art gyms

The global trend for physical fitness is the reason for the many gyms that we see everywhere; the equipment is state-of-the-art and needs to be handled, installed and configured by a team of tech logistics specialists. They would only work on specific equipment and would know the machines inside out; when an entrepreneur sets up a gym, the equipment is put in place, configured and the staff are shown how to manage the online network.

Sporting arenas

All major sporting venues require access control systems, which are handled exclusively by tech logistics (white glove logistics) companies. Of course, each stadium presents unique obstacles and issues; the access control manufacturer would send a team to the site to design the access control system, which would be transported and installed by tech logistics people. Aside from controlling spectator movement, you also have to allow behind-the-scenes access to athletes, trainers, officials and media, which demands a secure system. When you watch a big fight or football match, you will see the officials wearing a large tag like a pendant; without this, entry is impossible. Here are a few ways to improve collaboration in a digital workplace.

ATM & banking equipment

ATMs move with the times and are frequently replaced with better versions; a tech logistics company would have the exclusive contract to install and maintain a specific number of machines within a radius. A single team might have 100 ATM locations to monitor and only approved personnel can work with this equipment.

Automated warehouse solutions

Perhaps the fastest growing sector is warehouse storage; AI systems manage the entire process from arrival to departure, with every package tracked; the only humans working are those controlling the automation. The transition to complete automation might take ten years, with a company adding automation as their business develops, integrating new systems into the mainframe.

Where would we be without tech logistics? This sector is growing exponentially as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity.