Surefire Remote Work Monitoring Hacks For New Businesses

Surefire Remote Work Monitoring Hacks For New Businesses

The remote work culture is here to stay because it offers immense benefits, from flexibility to scalability and cost-effectiveness. Not surprisingly, new businesses are keen to embrace the model from the outset. As an entrepreneur looking to save money, it is an ideal alternative that reduces space and infrastructural requirements. But remote monitoring is likely a key concern if you are a beginner. Fortunately, it is easy to track and monitor employees, regardless of their locations. Let us share a few surefire remote work monitoring hacks for new businesses.

Create actionable remote work policies

Setting up actionable remote work policies should be your top priority. You can seek guidance from an IT consultant in this context because they can give the best recommendations according to the size and needs of your startup. A remote work policy draws clear lines for every team member and department. Moreover, it should include the do’s and don’ts your remote workers must follow. Besides establishing these guidelines, ensure every member of your startup team knows them inside out.

Use performance monitoring tools

This one is a no-brainer for all remote teams, regardless of the size and scale. You must invest in a reliable employee performance monitoring tool without second thoughts. The good thing is that you need not spend a fortune on such solutions, and the payback is impressive. You can leverage it to ensure accountability for employee output each day and the time they spend on completing a designated task.

Prioritize security

Cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses, considering the growing number of hacking attacks. The issue gets even more daunting for a startup because a single event is enough to topple your revenues and reputation. Consider going the extra mile with remote work security with an advanced remote access software solution and best cyber safety practices. Educating your workers regarding secure access, robust passwords, and defenses against hacking attacks is equally crucial.

Check status reports

Another remote work monitoring tip you can rely on is to necessitate daily and weekly reporting for your employees. You can check these status reports thoroughly to validate the daily and weekly tasks and ensure everything is on track. Although status verification may seem tricky in the beginning, you can master it within a few weeks. Setting a reporting format for employees is a good idea as it makes them comfortable with the task and eases the checking part for managers.

Track internet usage

Besides monitoring the performance and productivity of WFH workers, you must also track their internet usage. It is the best way to prevent the misuse of the internet for unproductive activities such as browsing news websites, playing games, and spending time on social media. These activities can affect employee productivity and waste precious hours for your startup, so you should not hesitate to take stringent prevention measures. But remember to show trust in your employees, as most are honest and committed.

Establishing a positive remote work culture is easy, provided you are ready to take some tangible measures. Follow these tips to give your startup the WFH advantage.