ScienceLogic Announces "Hollywood" Release of SL1 Platform, Introducing Advanced AI/ML & Automation Capabilities for AIOps

ScienceLogic Announces "Hollywood" Release of SL1 Platform, Introducing Advanced AI/ML & Automation Capabilities for AIOps

Reston, VA – December 13, 2023 – ScienceLogic today introduced a powerful combination of machine learning and automation capabilities with the release of Hollywood, a major update to its flagship SL1 platform.

With this release, ScienceLogic SL1 will accelerate Artificial Intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) adoption by delivering a more intuitive approach for converting AI insights into automated action. For the first time, AI/Machine Learning (ML) techniques are used to learn from customer IT environments and provide human-friendly insights for up to 10x faster issue resolution. Generative AI can review information collected from across hybrid cloud environments and create easy-to-understand analysis that all levels of IT can use to take action. AI also recommends automation workflows to run, or can be set to run them automatically, deflecting issues from human operators and allowing IT – and by extension – the business to run more efficiently.

AI and automation capabilities are built directly into an improved, more intuitive SL1 user interface, which displays IT operational information at the business service level for rapid understanding of business impact and improved Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Combined with integrations to Slack, WebEx, and other collaboration systems, SL1 sets the bar for engaging and coordinating action across multiple teams, ensuring issues can be quickly resolved. 

“With the launch of Hollywood, ScienceLogic customers will realize the first of many benefits of our 2022 acquisition of Zebrium. We have fully integrated its ML-driven root cause analysis capabilities into the SL1 platform and coupled with our automation capabilities to deliver support for truly self-healing services across the IT environment,” says Michael Nappi, CPO at ScienceLogic. “This is advanced AIOps, smarter, and easier – and it’s only the beginning. We’re excited about the potential for even more advanced analytical capabilities to fundamentally transform IT operations in the year ahead.” 

The ScienceLogic Hollywood release includes:

  • AI/ML- Driven Root Cause Analysis (RCA): AI provides rapid RCA in an intuitive natural language format to radically reduce time the time to isolate, identify and resolve service impacting issues. The ML model is easy to provision and train – and provides accurate and actionable insights without human supervision – so your IT team can focus on delivering new services to the business.
  • Modern, Unified User Experience: a more modern and intuitive interface allows customers to rapidly understand the wealth of services delivered to the business and the relationship of infrastructure and application components to those services.
  • SL1 Low / No Code Toolkit: A comprehensive SL1 toolkit enables DevOps teams to quickly build or customize PowerPacks – monitoring templates that connect unique devices/services/applications and describe how SL1 should monitor and visualize those components in the platform.
  • New Workflow Integrations for Faster Issue Response: More than ever, IT teams communicate via collaboration tools, so with this release we’re adding Slack and WebEx to existing integrations like Microsoft Teams to accelerate IT team’s efficiency and productivity.

“Hollywood demonstrates ScienceLogic’s commitment to empowering the IT function and propelling enterprises forward through our SL1 platform. With this update, we’re enabling our customers to truly leverage intelligence to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and agility with their IT operations,” said Tina McNulty, ScienceLogic CMO. “It’s an exciting moment to be able to showcase ScienceLogic’s commitment to overcoming the increasing complexities of the IT landscape. As IT infrastructure continues to grow across cloud, hybrid, and edge environments, AIOps becomes mandatory. With Hollywood, SL1 has created an AIOps foundation for the future.”

Hollywood will be available to early access program customers with general availability of the release planned for early 2024. To learn more about ScienceLogic SL1, please contact

Lisa Throckmorton
Media Relations

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