Regular Spam Testing with GlockApps: Why You Should Perform It and How It Works

Regular Spam Testing with GlockApps: Why You Should Perform It and How It Works

Spam Test and Why It's Worth Running

Did you know that according to statistics, 99% of email users check their inbox every day, and some of them check it 20 times a day? And what is very interesting is that 58% of them check their mailboxes first of all in the morning. That means that a huge number of people have already read a bunch of different emails from brands and may have made purchases and signed up for subscriptions.

This suggests that you shouldn't neglect email as a channel of communication with your audience, but rather make sure that your marketing emails are delivered as well as possible. The best solution for this is to conduct regular email deliverability testing.

The first thing you need to understand is that preliminary spam testing is very important to ensure that your emails avoid spam filters and spam traps. To make it clearer, spam traps are like a first line of defense against real spammers from Internet Service Providers. These are typically email addresses created to identify and catch spammers. And if your message gets to one of these addresses, the provider will immediately mark you as a spammer, and block your IP address and domain name, which will eventually lead to a sharp drop in deliverability rates.

After getting into such trouble, you will need to restore and closely monitor your sender reputation, and email testing will help you to fully analyze the situation and find out how to solve it.

How to Perform a Spam Test?

The sooner you identify and start fixing your email deliverability issues, the less damage will be done to your marketing campaigns. To develop a healthy business strategy, you need to know how your messages are functioning. So, don't put testing on the back burner, get started today.

With GlockApps, you can conduct a quick and high-quality Inbox Insight spam test to see in detail where your emails are reaching. This advanced tool will perform an email authentication check, inbox placement, sender score, spam filter, IP reputation, and domain blocklisting checking, and provide you with a list of actionable tips and necessary steps to improve your deliverability. This test will also check your content, images, and links. Spam checking analyzes your letters by sending them through spam filters to detect potential issues that could harm your performance.

Regardless of which email provider you use, utilize Inbox Insight to automate your seed list checking by setting up automatic tests and receiving immediate alerts when your inbox rate falls below a threshold you set, which is very helpful and saves you a lot of extra time and resources. Create an account at GlockApps and get two free tests to optimize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts and improve domain security.

If you want your campaign to run smoothly and deliver messages at a high level, you need to pay maximum attention to solving the problem of your email deliverability.