OpsRamp Study Reveals Why Enterprise IT Leaders Believe Digital Operations Management is Essential to Economic Recovery

OpsRamp Study Reveals Why Enterprise IT Leaders Believe Digital Operations Management is Essential to Economic Recovery

San Jose, California (April 20, 2021)OpsRamp, the leading provider of a modern digital operations management platform, has completed a study on how IT operations leaders are adapting their processes and tools to help their organizations achieve a smooth economic recovery.

The OpsRamp 2021 State of Digital Operations Management study, which was conducted in March by a third party, includes input from 132 IT operations directors or above in U.S. companies with at least 500 employees and $5 million in annual technology spending. The year 2020 was characterized by frequent lockdowns, strict social distancing norms, and unexpected pivots in business strategy. Enterprise IT departments shifted to digital-first, cloud-centric solutions to stabilize operations and maintain revenue streams.

As the pandemic wanes and the world economy begins to reopen, enterprise IT leaders are leaning further into digital transformation. According to OpsRamp's study, IT leaders are prioritizing tools, technologies and methods that unlock data, enhance visibility and mitigate risk, such as digital operations management platforms.

Following are three key takeaways from OpsRamp's research:

#1 - The Emergence of Digital Operations Management Platforms

A digital operations management platform brings together diverse data sources, optimizes organizational processes and uses analytics to drive innovation and agility across the organization. Given the volume, velocity, and variety of system events that occur daily, IT needs a digital operations management platform that can reduce repetitive alerts, identify the proximate cause(s) for an IT outage, and ensure compelling user experiences using AI/ML.

A majority of US technology leaderssurveyed by OpsRamp see value in deploying a digital operations management platform with native capabilities for hybrid, multi-cloud and cloud native monitoring, while supporting intelligent incident management and automated remediation, and which integrates with their existing tools in a single place. Seventy-three percent of respondents expect to roll out a digital operations management platform in 2021, while 21% expressed interest in purchasing a modern platform if no budgetary constraints were holding them back.

#2 - Why Invest in a Digital Operations Management Platform

While tech practitioners have long tried to find a "single pane of glass" for IT operations, they've usually ended up with a single glass of pain due to the duct-taped nature of legacy IT Operations management suites. Modern digital operations management platforms are different. They combine data, analytics and workflows to provide IT leaders with relevant and timely insights into their organization's hybrid IT ecosystem.

OpsRamp's study found that IT leaders plan to roll out digital operations management platforms for the following reasons:

  • Deploying automation and AIOps (51%) so that IT can use machine learning algorithms and process automation to reliably cut down alert noise, drive faster root cause identification, and handle repetitive activities.
  • Driving agility and faster resolution (46%) with a single source of truth for incident response so that IT has the right situational context.
  • Saving time and money (41%) by eliminating the need to switch between tools and by swapping out costly, legacy IT management tools.

#3 - Key Requirements for a Modern IT Operations Solution

The demands on modern IT operations solutions have never been higher. Enterprise IT teams need technology platforms that can capture real-time telemetry for a wide variety of infrastructure environments, offer the ability to scale with demand, provide chargeback and capacity recommendations to optimize infrastructure, and deliver algorithmic insights for troubleshooting and repairing IT services.

Given the fallout of the SolarWinds sunburst supply chain attack, the OpsRamp survey shows that platform security (59%), which is the ability to withstand sophisticated attacks, is the most critical attribute of a modern solution. The next two top capabilities include hybrid infrastructure management (52%) for controlling the chaos of distributed architectures and flexible price offerings (37%) that offer clear and compelling business value at a competitive price point.

"The study validates what we're hearing from customers," said Sheen Khoury, Chief Revenue Officer at OpsRamp. "The economic tumult caused by the pandemic forced IT leaders to reevaluate their toolkits and processes. On the way out are legacy IT operations tools that limit an organization's ability to support digital transformation and deliver outstanding customer experiences. Technology leaders are looking to invest in digital operations management platforms that can help drive faster time-to-market with proactive insights and enable rapid incident resolution with workflow automation."


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