The Next Windows 11 Update Will Finally Make Task Manager Useful Again

The Next Windows 11 Update Will Finally Make Task Manager Useful Again

Sep 15, 2022
2 minutes

Windows' Task Manager has been around a long time, but it's never been really useful. It's been hard to get an overview of your PC's functioning or even to see what programmes are currently active. Microsoft made it simpler to control in the background programmes and transformed Following Command into a more feature-rich and versatile tool with Windows 11.

Microsoft's Modifications

Microsoft has spent a great deal of time improving File explorer speed in Windows 11, and the result is a radically new piece of software. The improvements made to the new edition made it more practical, adaptable, and user-friendly. Furthermore, provided enhanced features and functions that power users love.

By clicking or tapping on various UI elements, the new Task Manager can be altered to suit the user's preferences. This includes the addition, removal, and reordering of columns displaying information such as an app's CPU usage and disc space consumption (or even all storage devices). If you have a lot of programs open at once, you'll appreciate the ability to switch between different views of operating systems in RAM and those running from disk.

You can also view whatever files are being loaded by each process, which can be useful if you see that one program is using all of your RAM while someone else hardly touches it.

There's a Brand new Task Manager that has a Fresh Interface.

Tabs, not buttons, will be the primary interface element of Task Manager's upcoming redesign. You'll be able to see how much information is being used by each process on your system, and it'll be simpler to locate information about the programmes and processes you're working on.

We'll utilise tabs to organise our work so that we can see everything we need to see at once. You can now organise your settings into tabs, with one devoted to "Applications," another to "Startup items," and yet another to "Performance Information" (which is currently stored in the History section).

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Besides VPNs settings tabs would let users keep tabs on how much time a given process is taking up on the CPU or how much RAM is currently being consumed by each process.

Adding New Tabs

New tabs of Windows 11 file explorer are about to be released. There will be a Startup tab, an App culture tab, and a Performance tab in the new tabbed design. You can view CPU, disc, and network utilisation per application in the Performance menu. All of the apps that were launched upon bootup may be viewed under the App History menu.

The future of Task Manager is unknown at this time.

  • Since Microsoft hasn't said anything official, what we know is just hearsay. Yet, consider the following possibilities:
  • The new design will resemble Desktop 10's Task View panel, although it will likely feature a different colour scheme (the default color).
  • New OS improvements may allow it to run more quickly than before, especially on less powerful computers, and without the performance hit that would come from JavaScript code executed locally within each programme window.

There is Currently a Dearth of Data Regarding these Modifications

We don't have any information about when the next update will be available at this time.

There is some mystery about the new features as well. The company has not yet specified what modifications must be made to Task Manager (or how they will be made), nor have they said whether or not the updated tool will be available for prior versions of Microsoft Windows 11 or simply the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Although Task Manager may not be as useful in the future, you can continue to use it as usual for the time being.


We've already indicated that there isn't a tonne of data available currently on these modifications. This is, however, just the commencement of Task Supervisor's evolution into the Task Manager 2.0 featured in Windows 11. Microsoft has put significant resources into making the app better for both casual and advanced users. In the event that new details emerge, we will make sure to relay them to you as soon as possible.