N-able Strengthens Diversity, Equality, and Belonging Commitment by Signing the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

N-able Strengthens Diversity, Equality, and Belonging Commitment by Signing the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

By N-able
May 18, 2023
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Burlington, Massachusetts – May 18 – N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), a global software company helping IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as-a-service, and security solutions, today announced its CEO, John Pagliuca, has signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™ Pledge reinforcing company support and commitment towards its Diversity, Equality, and Belonging philosophy.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion™ was founded in 2017 and is the largest CEO-driven business commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace with more than 2,400 CEOs having pledged to create more inclusive cultures. Through collaboration, convening and sharing, the coalition is helping to foster workplaces that better reflect the diversity of our society and cultivate work environments where employees can openly address challenges, present opportunities, and explore different perspectives.

CEOs of companies signing the pledge acknowledge to:

  • Support open dialogue on complex—and often difficult—conversations around diversity and inclusion
  • Implement and expand unconscious bias education and training
  • Share best-known diversity and inclusion programs/initiatives, as well as those that have been unsuccessful
  • Engage boards of directors when developing and evaluating diversity and inclusion strategies

"Our culture of belonging is something that every N-ablite shapes together," said John Pagliuca, CEO at N-able. "Through engagement, awareness, and ultimately, action, we can create change. I am proud to say we are all on this journey together, and although we have more work to do, we will remain committed to N-spire others along the way."

At N-able, the company defines work around Diversity, Equality, and Belonging in the following ways:

  • Diversity: The presence of difference within a given setting. For us, this means multiple identities are represented here at N-able.
  • Equality: Equal access to opportunities, advancement, and support. We acknowledge that one size does not fit all when providing equal access for those who have not historically had it.
  • Belonging: When individuals feel included, leveraged, valued, and celebrated for who they are and what they bring to the table. We want N-ablites to be an integral part of the company and know their voices and work make a difference.

N-able uses the term equality (instead of equity, which is widely referenced in the US) because it translates more clearly across our global workforce. To ensure common understanding, our definition of equality acknowledges that one size does not fit all when it comes to access and opportunities.

Leveraging this shared terminology with N-ablites across the globe, N-able continues to take action on this area of focus. One way the company does this is by supporting several Communities of Interests, which are N-ablite-driven, company-sponsored groups for those with shared characteristics and life experiences. The groups were created to drive education and awareness through feedback and programming, and each COI has a component of giving woven into its mission to help extend the positive impact of creating inclusive communities.

"With N-ablites from almost 15 countries around the globe, we're committed to working together to create a culture where we can contribute different perspectives, backgrounds, cultures, and experiences," said Kathleen Pai,chief people officer at N-able. "Our ongoing goals include empowering our N-ablites to bring their authentic selves to work; encouraging diverse perspectives; and ensuring the N-ablite experience reflects our values. We're committed to taking continuous action so N-ablites feel welcomed,recognized, and respected."

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