N-able Publishes Inaugural ESG Report

N-able Publishes Inaugural ESG Report

By N-able
May 4, 2023
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Burlington, Massachusetts – May 4, 2023 – N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), a global software company helping IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as-a-service, and security solutions, today shared the company's inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Report (ESG).

After just 18-months in the public eye, the N-able ESG report spotlights the company's continued and growing efforts to optimize its energy consumption and lower its environmental impact. It also notes how the industry pioneer sees and integrates ESG considerations into its expanding global operations.

View N-able's 2022 ESG Report

"At N-able, we strive to be an exemplary company with a culture that supports our people, partners and the broader community," says Kathleen Pai, Chief People Officer, N-able. "We are excited to share N-able's first ESG report and will use it to spark more meaningful discussions and drive positive change across the full IT ecosystem."

Among the highlights of N-able 2022 Report include:


  • Renovated global Collaboration Hubs using locally sourced materials where practical and adopting daylight-harvesting best practices
  • Introduced a travel system to track carbon emissions from our employees' business travel, including air travel and hotel stays
  • Launched a program in the United Kingdom for responsibly disposing of our electronic waste in that region. Facilitated through Vyta, N-able made the first donations of IT equipment to The Turing Trust in February 2023, which will enable students to learn vital IT skills. These donations are estimated to offset an aggregate of approximately 81 tons of CO2.


  • Advanced the company's Communities of Interest (COI), which are core to the N-able Diversity, Equality, and Belonging (DEB) efforts. These include: PRISM, supporting the LGBTQIA+ community; WONDER, supporting employees who identify as women; and Shades, supporting employees of color.
  • Encouraged and tracked employee giving efforts with Season of Giving. In 2022, N-able employees across the globe used their VoluNteer Days to donate over 2,300 hours to non-profits in their communities.
  • Continued the advancement of the N-able New Hire N-tegration Program, a uniquely designed group training for new hires during their onboarding process, as well as the company's learning journeys for advancing N-ablites in management roles. These include: N-able U to Grow, for aspiring managers; N-able U to Lead, for current managers; and N-able U to Build, for more senior leaders.


  • Actively tracked compliance, set goals and targets, and assessed effectiveness of our governance efforts
  • Established an ESG Working Group comprising cross-functional leads from core environmental, social, and governance departments across our company
  • Continued to follow the ISO 27001 standard and maintain a relevant policy library and training program, plus conducted semi-annual testing of the company's incident response programs and plan to evaluate and improve preparedness for cybersecurity incidents
  • Grew N-able's multifaceted privacy-by-design program designed to help comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other worldwide privacy laws, as well as re-evaluating threats, threat actors, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with processing personal data
  • Launched a bug bounty program, administered through Bugcrowd, to reinforce its emphasis on security and protecting our partners from vulnerabilities. Through this program, N-able provides cash bounties to security researchers for surfacing and reporting otherwise unknown network and software security vulnerabilities. During 2022, N-able paid an aggregate of approximately $24,000 through this program.

"Our rally cry 'Earn More Fans, Raise the Bar' extends across our team to the communities we live in and the MSPs worldwide we are committed to helping grow and sustain a successful business," says John Pagliuca, CEO, N-able. "While we put our unified culture and shared values at the center of everything we do as a company, we recognize our corporate responsibility work is just beginning and look forward to sharing our ESG efforts each year."

The full report notes additional insights into the company's values and commitments which serves as a "true north" for the industry innovator's expanding ESG efforts and long-term goals.

N-able is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company employees approximately 1,400 people across 14 countries and maintains Collaboration Hubs in the United States and Canada, as well as nine other countries across the globe.

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