N-able Delivers Managed, Secure "Anywhere Protection" as a Service to MSPs

N-able Delivers Managed, Secure "Anywhere Protection" as a Service to MSPs

By N-able
Feb 17, 2022
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DURHAM, North Carolina, February 17, 2022 – N-able, Inc. (NYSE:NABL), the solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, backup, and remote monitoring and management services, is helping channel partners simplify, solve for, and deliver advanced security protection in today's "work from anywhere" world with its next generation N‑able™ DNS Filtering

"The modern MSP is working smarter and faster to stay one step ahead of the bad guys and keep the hybrid workforce secure from emerging and evolving threats and cyberattacks," says Stuti Jhunjhunwala, senior director, product marketing at N-able. "Our advanced DNS threat protection as-a-service offering enables MSPs to better monitor, manage, and proactively protect and secure their customers' network regardless of location or connection."

Available now, N-able DNS Filtering strengthens the MSP's ability to proactively safeguard themselves and their customers from threats and cyberattacks from within the N‑able N-central® dashboard. Focused on four areas including DNS protection, securing the network, educating people, and establishing processes, DNS Filtering provides:

  • Real-time, smart identification of malicious websites
  • Multi-client management from a single platform and single screen
  • Fast, redundant Anycast network
  • On-demand, drill down reporting and analytics

Additionally, by taking full advantage of the embedded security capabilities within DNS Filtering, N-able partners and their customers can rest easy knowing they have fully managed, always on protection against phishing, ransomware, zero-day social engineering attacks, and more.

"N-able's advanced, managed DNS-as-a-service solution provides our partners with an incredible layered security solution designed to better protect their business and their customers from anywhere," says Sara Foley, VP of product management at N-able. "We also know, and value, the important role people and process play within establishing and maintaining a strong security posture, which is why our DNS solution offers powerful insights and real-time reporting into web-based threats from within the N-able N-central and RMM dashboards."

According to the Global Cyber Alliance, more than a third of all cyberattacks are deployed via DNS. HelpNet Security notes 8,000+ phishing sites are registered each day.

For more information about N-able's DNS Filtering, visit https://www.n-able.com/products/dns-filtering. A demo of the new technology is available on YouTube.

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