N-able Announces Milestone Adoption of Backup and Recovery Solution for Microsoft 365

N-able Announces Milestone Adoption of Backup and Recovery Solution for Microsoft 365

DURHAM, North Carolina—February 3, 2021— N-able, Inc.(NYSE: NABL), the solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, backup, and remote monitoring and management services; today announced the expansion of N-able Backup for Microsoft 365 across its partner base. Since launching the solution in December 2019, more than 4,000 N-able partners are utilizing the solution to help prevent data loss across more than 25,000 customer domains and over 900,000 Exchange™ mailboxes.

N-able Backup for Microsoft 365 is designed to help IT services providers protect Microsoft 365 users from data loss. Backup for Microsoft 365 enables customers to retain and restore Exchange, OneDrive®, and SharePoint® data, managed from the same web-based dashboard used to protect servers, workstations, and critical business documents. Backups are fully automated and performed several times a day.

Currently, many organizations rely strictly on a SaaS provider, like Microsoft, for backup services and protection despite explicit warnings that such services do not include backups. A May Enterprise Strategy Group report, "The Evolution of Data Protection Cloud Strategies," indicated that one-third of respondents do not believe backup is needed despite the fact that 33% of those surveyed reported they've lost cloud-resident data, an increase from 18% reporting they lost cloud-resident data in 2020. There are many ways to lose data, including accidental or malicious deletion, malware or ransomware, and service failures.

"In the past two years, we've witnessed a remarkable change in market awareness of the need for SaaS backup, and especially Microsoft 365 backup," said Chris Groot, general manager, N-able Backup. "Customers and prospects have shifted from Microsoft 365 backup being optional to it being a requirement. The conversation has shifted from questioning if they should back up SaaS workloads, and is now focused on which vendor best fits their needs. The integrated user experience, which combines a single view for all their Microsoft 365, server, and workstation data protection workloads, has proven to be an important differentiator compared to the plethora of point solutions available for SaaS backup."

"We sell complete IT services, including backup and recovery by default. We rely on N-able Backup to protect our data, including Microsoft 365," said Jeroen Bom, team lead with Bizway BV. "It's convenient to manage Microsoft 365 and other device backups from one dashboard, and the frequent backup schedule is great when customers need us to restore accidentally deleted emails."

N-able Backup for Microsoft 365 is built to help customers:

  • Recover data quickly in the event of a disaster and retain data for longer
  • Reduce service delivery costs by managing the backup and restore of Microsoft 365 data from the same dashboard used to protect servers, workstations, and critical business documents
  • Drive profitability via one flat, per-user fee (cloud data storage included in the price)


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