N-able Advances Security Suite with N-able Managed Detection and Response

N-able Advances Security Suite with N-able Managed Detection and Response

Burlington, Massachusetts – January 18, 2024 – N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), a global software company helping IT services providers deliver remote monitoring and management, data protection as-a-service, and security solutions, continues to advance its security suite with the launch of N-able Managed Detection and Response (MDR). This latest addition to the N-able security suite combines a powerful security operations platform with expert services, giving managed services providers (MSPs) a broad range of capabilities to set a new standard of cybersecurity for their small and mid-sized customers.

N-able MDR provides deep visibility and collaboration between MSPs, end-user organizations, and when needed, expert security analysts. Users across organizations all have the same, real-time access to see and/or work together on security events as they unfold – a new level of transparency that improves security and adds value to MSPs' security offerings. With scalable technology and services, this solution is ideal for both small and large MSPs and is priced to help them build a robust security practice without compromising profitability. Managed security service providers (MSSPs), or those with strong security competency, can choose to use the platform without assistance from security analysts to deliver a managed security service operated by their own teams.

N-able MDR gives organizations of all sizes everything they need to stop advanced cyberthreats, reduce vulnerabilities, and take control of sprawling IT environments. The solution integrates with and ingests data from existing security and IT tools. Its artificial intelligence helps surface threats that otherwise go unnoticed, and with automated and human response capabilities, it goes beyond simply alerting threats to ensure they're remediated quickly. With effective threat hunting, vulnerability management, darknet monitoring, and compliance support, the solution empowers MSPs to raise the bar for cybersecurity at small and mid-sized organizations. It helps MSPs provide an effective cybersecurity solution to organizations in the public and private sectors that most often struggle to find and afford the teams and technology required for an advanced defense.

With a continued global shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, demand for MDR is expected to grow this year, creating significant opportunity for MSPs. A recent report from Canalys states that the cybersecurity services opportunity will be larger than selling cybersecurity technology, with managed security services and integration services forecast to be the fastest growing areas.

"The level of transparency and collaboration that N-able MDR creates between an MSP and its clients is a unique value on its own. When you add the third layer of expertise from the highly skilled analysts available through the service, and all the capabilities that the platform provides, it offers a breadth and depth of security operations that have simply been out of reach for all but the world's largest organizations," said John Pagliuca, president and CEO at N-able. "Alert fatigue with increasing threats, growing regulations, and staffing challenges mean organizations need more help than ever and this gives them that critical lifeline."

N-able MDR is available immediately for partners located in North America, and will be available to EMEA partners in the first quarter of 2024, with other regions to follow.

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