The main content and activities in Diablo 4 available to newcomers

The main content and activities in Diablo 4 available to newcomers

The final stage of active testing has recently ended and players can now fully rush to the open servers of the Diablo 4 world and start pumping their tested heroes, go through new difficulty levels and acts, knock out or order d4 power leveling, participate in PVP, clear dungeons and act bosses, interact with other players and attack fortresses.


Choose your class from the five available and start your game path in the Diablo 4 universe, which uses the canons of development from previous versions and the same dark fantasy mechanics with the continuation of the general story of the battle of people against archdemons from the other world.


Choose carefully, but not too long - it will be ideal if you test each hero and, having made your choice, you can concentrate on your new character.

Typically, such mechanics of each class are tested on MBT, but this is not a mandatory condition, but purely recommendatory.

In total, Diablo 4 has 5 classes:

  • Demon Hunter - An archer and dagger with a focus on physical damage and the ability to simultaneously learn ranged and melee skills for a combination of attacks. Of course, you will need two types of weapons, but those who played in previous versions of the Amazon will find this class useful.
  • Barbarian is a melee warrior, an attacking class with the ability to enter a state of rage and deal increased damage for a short period of time. You will be able to effectively handle any type of weapon and assign any weapon to a skill, so that the system automatically puts on and removes them when attacking.
  • Mage is one of the strongest classes in the game, with the ability to use elemental powers for various attacks on enemies. The class consumes a pool of mana and depends on it to perform casts. You have to choose a school of magic to study and it's better if it's two directions at once, otherwise you run the risk of running into monsters with full resistance and not being able to fight it to the fullest. You can choose fire, lightning, or ice as your primary focus. The mage is strong in AoE and mass PVP, but weak against enemies with the ability to quickly approach the target and against strong physical damage. The class's magic attacks are as strong as its physical defense is weak, so you should always keep your distance and always try not to let the enemies damage you.
  • The Necromancer is a magical class that draws on dark powers and uses its skills to raise dead enemies and turn them into their servants. You will be able to summon close and long-range fighters and tanks that will clean up any locations under your protection. You should only be wary of enemies with strong mass damage that can immediately destroy the entire army and opponents that can quickly get close to you and kill the caster, destroying the army of the dead in this way. The main resource - essence is generated in battles.
  • A druid is an analogue of a necromancer who relies on the call of light forces - the spirits of the forest and animals. Summon 4 types of animals to fight on your side, turn into a bear or a wolf to enhance your attacks and clear the locations crowded with enemies.


Starting your game, you will take your first task and complete them, gradually moving through the acts and unlocking new mechanics and receiving rewards in the form of gold, skill points, fame and equipment.

Tasks can be divided into basic and secondary, and if the main quests will advance you along the storyline, then the secondary ones are needed to replenish your inventory with gold and items, fame points and other useful resources.


Periods of activity and passage of locations that need to be mastered in order to break into the next more difficult zones, allowing the player to approach the final stage of Diablo 4, increasing the level of difficulty and giving the opportunity to fight among themselves for the right to be considered the strongest player.


These are temporary zones that will come across to you in the process of completing quests and acts.

You will go into dungeons that are overflowing with monsters and pump with their help and have a chance to get a lot of high-quality equipment, weapons, gold.

At the end of all rooms, you will find chests with a random reward. They will not always give a good reward, but with an increase in the chance of finding magic items, this probability will increase.

Some dungeons will not take the form of a dead end, but a corridor - a zone that, in addition to clearing, will eventually lead you to new locations that you have not yet been to.


When you pass the first three acts, you will have the opportunity to get your first horse - a faithful companion that will provide you with accelerated movement and become a reliable travel companion.

To start your journey to the horse, you need to follow the story quests and get to the Cathedral of Light, where for completing the tasks you will receive your first horse.

The horse cannot be pumped, but can be modified to your liking.

The horse significantly increases your movement speed and gives you the ability to break through a large number of enemies without engaging in combat without sufficient necessity.


In Diablo 4 there will be no such abundance of potions as in the previous parts, and you need to save potions that will be regenerated over time. By increasing the level of fame, you can increase the number of potions in your inventory.


Each player has the opportunity to increase their potential for fame and fame by performing in-game activities that will benefit him and all players on the server.

Find and activate Lilith's altars, unlock new territories, defeat bosses, complete side quests, and get fame boosts that unlock new skill points, unlock character research materials, potions, and gold.

Equipment repair

All equipment that is in Diablo 4 has its own threshold of durability - this is a parameter that you should keep an eye on, otherwise you can get equipment and weapons that are not available for use at the most crucial moment. When you die, all equipment loses a lot of durability - keep this in mind and make it a habit to repair all valuable property before going to the farm.

Repair all equipment from blacksmiths in any peaceful zone - the more valuable the items, the more gold the master will request for repairs.

Do not repair everything - some items will be replaced in the nearest dungeon and are not worth the gold spent on them.