Increased IT complexity impacting ROI for 84% of IT professionals

Increased IT complexity impacting ROI for 84% of IT professionals

With hybrid and remote work amplifying the challenge of managing distributed IT environments, 84% of IT professionals believe the ROI of their projects has been negatively impacted in the last 12 months.This is according to new research from SolarWinds,a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software.

The report, which examines the acceleration of digital transformation efforts and its impact on IT departments, also shows a third (33%) of IT professionals think complexity added between four and seven months of extra work to get their project to completion.

Commenting on the news, SolarWinds President and CEOSudhakar Ramakrishna said, "Many organisations are struggling to drive forward transformation amidst increasinglydistributed and complex IT environments.

"Amplified by a global move towards hybrid and remote work, applications and workloads are now run across both cloud and on-premises infrastructure. This is not only hindering the ability to deliver benefits to end users in a timely fashion but also significantly impacting the bottom line.

"In this challenging landscape, IT professionals are increasingly looking towards observability to manage these growing levels of complexity. By understanding where to prioritise their efforts, teams can manage hybrid IT realities more effectively and achieve the ROI targeted in their planned projects, which spells long-term success for teams, businesses, and their customers."

For more findings, read the ninth annual SolarWinds®IT Trends Report—Getting IT Right: Managing Hybrid IT Complexity:


The findings of this year's report are based on a survey fielded in March 2022, which yielded responses from technology practitioners, managers, directors, and senior executives in the U.K. from public- and private-sector small, mid-size, and enterprise organizations who participated in a March 2022 online survey.

All regions studied in 2022, as reported on the SolarWinds IT Trends Index, were North America, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom, with 1,138 respondents across all geographies combined.

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