How To Uncover Personalization Opportunities Using Data Analytics

How To Uncover Personalization Opportunities Using Data Analytics

There’s a lot of information and details which you can find about your website with the use of data analytics. Your website is like the virtual equivalent of a physical store. People come and go. Some of them buy, while some just look around. If you have a surveillance camera in your store, you’d have a record of who came in, what they did, and with the help of the receipts, what they bought.

You can do almost all of these things and perhaps even more with the help of data analytics. If you registered your website SEO with Google, then you can use their data analytics tools to analyze the google data collection of your website. Here are some suggestions on how you can uncover personalization opportunities using data analytics.

  1. You Can Segment Audience Based On Location

The first personalization opportunity you can uncover from your data analytics is finding out where your visitors are coming from. You can know more information about this by checking how your website traffic is distributed in terms of the geographical locations of your site visitors.

This would allow you to drill down whether you’re able to provide enough information to the top countries or locations of your target market. You’ll also see that you’re getting some traffic from places which you don’t advertise or sell your products to. From the information that you get, you may segment your audiences according to where they come from and if you’re selling to them. 

  1. You Can Personalize Engagement Based On Visit Frequency

You can also uncover a personalization opportunity from the data analytics report on the frequency or recency of the visitors to your web site or specific web page. You can find this report by going to ‘Audiences’ then click ‘Behavior’ and then click ‘Frequency & Recency.’

This tab contains several reports about Engagement, Session Quality, and Conversion Probability. These are data analytics reports which contain depth of information and powerful insights into how your website or webpage visitors behave when they land on your pages. You can use the information you get from these reports to plan how you’re going to segment your visitors into new or returning. More advanced methods now use correlation analysis of data analytics indicators.

You can check this part of your data analytics to find out how the traffic to your site is divided between new visitors and those who are returning. You can also see how often visitors return to your website. There’s also a way to find out how many pages they view on average. You can view this by clicking ‘Engagement’ and then click ‘Page Depth’. If you’re an online publisher or you’re an ecommerce website, there are also ways of looking into the loyalty and frequency indicators. These would be very useful indicators that will tell you what pages and products are driving traffic into your store. 

Once you’ve uncovered the visitor behavior in your website, you can focus your campaigns on some personalization opportunities:

  • Personalize for returning visitors: For one, those returning visitors are clearly interested in what your website has to offer, but they haven’t quite made the leap of faith yet because they haven’t bought anything or pressed the Call to Action (CTA) button. This is an opportunity to craft a personalized message that would specify what they’re looking for. Place a message that speaks to them and calls them to action. 
  • Keep that connection: When you look at the frequency data, you’ll notice that after the first return, visitors who come for a second or more subsequent return tend to be fewer. The key then is to engage them on their first return. Try to keep the connection by getting more information about them. Place a CTA button that asks them for their email address instead of pushing them to go for a sales call when they’re not there yet.
  • Show them the proof: If you’re a B2B, returning visitors already like what they see but they’re not ready to buy yet. You can show them proof of people who bought from you.


  1. You Can Engage Based On Referral Source

Another source of personalization opportunities which you can dig in your data analytics reports is the source of referrals that sent some of the traffic to your site—they are from other websites or web pages. You can find this report by clicking ‘Acquisition’ then click ‘All Traffic’ and then click ‘Referrals.’

The referral traffic is the data analytics’ method of reporting who visited your site from sources other than those who directly went to your URL or those who typed in your SEO website name in the search box. In other words, these are people who landed on your page because they clicked on a link in another website or social media page. They were ‘referred’ to your website. The website where they came from before landing on yours is called the ‘referrer.’

You should take note of this information because it’s a strong indicator that other websites bring valuable traffic to your own website. You can use the data you get from this indicator to create an audience segment based on the source of the referral. Then, you can craft a message tailored for such an audience segment. 

Speak To Them

Your website is a treasure trove that attracts potential buyers and visitors to your site. If you want to gain more followers or sell more of your products, the key is found right within your own website. With data analytics, you’ll be able to understand more about who goes to your website and what they like about it. To be able to connect with them, personalize your messages in ways that speak to them as if they were the only one listening.