How to grow your Twitter Account : 3 Powerful Marketing Tips

How to grow your Twitter Account : 3 Powerful Marketing Tips

Mar 20, 2023
2 minutes

For many years, Twitter has continued to occupy a leading position in the ranking of the most popular and visited social networks in the world. In general, about 450 million people monthly visit this network, share their thoughts here, discuss the latest news and events, communicate with other people with whom they wouldn’t be able to talk offline. Everyone is concentrated on the site, starting from ordinary users, ending with famous actors, scientists, politicians and others. Accordingly, it may not be easy to highlight your message and become a popular author here, but it is possible if you put some effort into it and spend your time on the right things.

Regardless of what goals you pursue (promotion of a professional or business account), you must understand which ways to attract an audience are relevant and effective today, otherwise all efforts will be in vain. It's easy to get lost in the crowd here, but with a proper approach to promotion, your tweets will be fixed for a long time and will be visible to thousands of people from all over the world. In this article, we’ll give 3 promotion tips you should know about.

  1. Using paid PR boosts

Those people who have their own business know that you have to pay for an excellent result. Well, social media promotion is no exception. In order to succeed and become more visible in the online community in the shortest possible time and most effectively, entrepreneurs and influencers use paid referral services that allow them to get the statistical indicators they need right now.

Some newcomers mistakenly believe that fame is measured only by the number of readers, likes, comments and retweets. But there is little truth in this. In fact, you’ll also need other things to increase your account rating and tweet visibility. For example, to increase the level of engagement, you can buy real Twitter impressions and instantly increase the visibility of the page as a whole. You can use this service at any stage of promotion when you need additional support. Don't be afraid to delegate some advertising tasks and delegate them to real specialists.

  1. Post photos and videos

Not so long ago, Twitter became a multimedia platform and allowed creators to create not only text publications, but also various images and clips. Such content is especially popular today. Since this platform is fast (posts don't stay for long and can get lost quickly), you need to always be on trend and not publish multimedia content that has not been relevant for a long time. 

Analyze other platforms as well : see which clips and photos are popular now, which memes users like, and so on. This knowledge, applied in practice, will give a real result. So, if you post a great meme on a current news or event, it can go viral and bring you fame. Try it!

  1. Cross-promotion 

Every second active Internet user has an account in several social resources at once and visits them regularly. For you, as a creator, this is a great chance to expand your fanbase. Notify your readers on other platforms about your new account, write a link in the profile headers, publish some of your best posts and ask subscribers to support you. If the result doesn’t satisfy you, try to warm up their interest: promise a nice digital bonus for simple actions, people like this!