Half of IT pros say increased complexity is the number one issue facing their organisation

Half of IT pros say increased complexity is the number one issue facing their organisation

London, UK, 8thNovember 2022 –With just two months until the end of the year, over half (51%) of IT professionals say that IT complexity is the number one issue facing their organisation. That's according to new research from SolarWinds, a leading provider of simple, powerful, and secure IT management software.

The findings, based on a survey of over 270 IT professionals, also reveal how these teams plan to tackle their current concerns. One in five (20%) admit their strategic priority for the rest of 2022 is to accelerate migration to hybrid cloud infrastructures, while a quarter (24%) say their priority is to adopt tools to help mitigate increased operational complexity.

With IT teams focusing on their most pressing concerns in the last quarter, pushing digital transformation forward continues to be sat at the heart of these efforts. While organisations are modernising applications, operations, and databases, many are also still supporting existing, traditional workloads and systems. This leaves teams managing a huge array of monitoring and management tools, making for complex, diverse, and distributed environments.

While IT professionals understand the problem of IT complexity and want to overcome this issue, adding more tools often only adds to the problem, creating operational and business risks and making environments more cumbersome and cost-prohibitive to manage and maintain.

Commenting on the findings, Sascha Giese, Head Geekat SolarWinds said: "Although we're entering the final quarter of the year, the level of IT complexity faced by organisations shows no signs of slowing down. From disparate tools to new ways of working and siloed teams, the challenge for IT professionals is clear. Operational noise must be reduced so teams can scale more quickly, address business needs faster, and maximise budget outcomes.

Giese continued, "With teams struggling to access the actionable insights theyneed to quickly identify, prioritise, and resolve issues in business-critical services, there's a distinct need fora more efficient approach to advancing digital transformation initiatives."

"Moving from monitoring toobservability helps solve these problems through an integrated, comprehensive, and cost-effective full-stack solution, designed to provide end-to-end oversight of service delivery and component dependencies," Sascha says. "By shifting from a reactive to proactive IT stance, teams are left empowered to meet the challenges of today's hybrid IT realities."

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