Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365 Surpasses One Million Unique Users

Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365 Surpasses One Million Unique Users

By N-able
Jul 5, 2022
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DURHAM, North Carolina – N-able, Inc. (NYSE: NABL), the solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, data protection as-a-service, and remote monitoring and management services, today announced Cove Data Protection™ for Microsoft 365® has surpassed one million protected Microsoft 365 users. Since launching the solution in December 2019, more than 4,600 N-able partners are utilizing the solution to help prevent data loss across more than 36,000 customer domains and over 1.2 million Exchange™ mailboxes.

Cove combines cloud-first data protection with business-class disaster recovery and long-term backup retention. It sits in a fundamentally different class among well-known legacy backup solutions, without the traditional high costs and built-in inefficiencies. Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365 is specifically designed to help IT services providers protect Microsoft 365 users from data loss. It enables customers to retain and restore Exchange, OneDrive®, and SharePoint® data, managed from the same web-based dashboard used to protect servers and workstations. Backups are fully automated and performed several times a day.

While application providers such as Microsoft are focused on service availability and uptime, it is important to remember that data stored in Microsoft 365 remains the responsibility of the business and its managed IT service provider, as noted in the Microsoft service agreement. There are many ways to lose data, including accidental or malicious deletion, as well as malware or ransomware, and human error. Some organizations do not understand this shared responsibility, and may fail to appreciate the potential risk of skipping backups. These trends reinforce the need for a dedicated solution to protect Microsoft 365 data using a platform like Cove Data Protection for Microsoft 365.

"We've observed a shift in mindset on the true risk of data loss with SaaS applications like Microsoft 365 – from optional to mandatory," said Stefan Voss, vice president of product management, Cove Data Protection. "Hitting the one million user mark shows that the growth in the adoption of Cove for this use case is evidence that mindsets are changing, and managed services providers and internal IT teams are looking for straightforward, reliable solutions to protect against SaaS data loss."

"Cove is exactly what we need in terms of functionality," commented Paul Vedder, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, VXIT. "It's a product that simply just works. Our customers understand very quickly the importance of backing up Microsoft 365, and Cove helps us provide that service efficiently."

Cove Data Protection™ for Microsoft 365 is built to help MSPs:

  • Recover data quickly in the event of a disaster and retain data for longer than the short-term recycle bin
  • Reduce service delivery costs by managing the backup and restore of Microsoft 365 data from the same dashboard used to protect servers and workstations
  • Drive profitability via one flat, per-user fee (cloud data storage included in the price*)

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