Celebrating Our Launch!!

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Celebrating Our Launch!!

If you’ve ever interacted with the operational applications and tools industry, odds are you’ve run into trouble finding one source for all your news and information. You’re not alone: up until now, no such platform existed.

We have great news for you.

Starting today, you can now find all your up-to-date news and information on operational tools and applications in one place: www.OpsMatters.com.

Whether you’re a user, developer, enthusiast or decision-maker, OpsMatters is your new one stop shop for the latest info on Monitoring & Alerting, Analytics & Reporting, Helpdesk & Collaboration Tools, and DevOps & Security. Daily updates to look forward to include press releases, blogs, news, publications (white papers, e-books and reports), videos, a calendar of upcoming events, and open source projects.

This site has been a long time coming. After he was unable to find any single site dedicated to providing the information he needed to carry out an evaluation of available Monitoring and Log Management tools for his employer, Gerald Curley decided it was time to start one himself.

Now, less than one year since the initial idea came about, OpsMatters is launching its platform with over 200 contributing organisations and 5,000 articles and videos already available -- and we’re adding more every day. The site aims to provide a much-needed focal point for many areas in operational technology and software, featuring:

  • Quality news and events, updated daily
  • Information on new releases as they appear
  • A platform for thought leaders and rising stars to express their ideas
  • Showcases on the best and brightest advancements in technology
  • A platform for open source contributors and collaborators to share information about their projects

And while we do enjoy great support from many of the best companies in the industry, we value trust and transparency as much as you do. So, we remain both independent and impartial. Always.

Thank you to our contributors (both individuals and organisations) and sponsors for getting us to this point. We are thrilled to be working with each of you as we cultivate this resource for ops enthusiasts around the world.

Have an operational service and interested in contributing to the site? Shoot us an email at listings@opsmatters.com. When you list your organisation on OpsMatters, you'll get a customized, branded page with your news, videos, white papers, e-books, webinars and events -- completely free. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Now that the introductions are out of the way, welcome to our launch party! We’re excited to finally start sharing powerful news coming from the many organisations with listings on our site. There’s plenty to explore and we’ll continue bringing you new content every single day.

Head on over to www.OpsMatters.com and raise a glass with our community! Cheers, fellow enthusiast. We’re so glad to meet you.