Catchpoint Tracing Offers Deep Visibility for Critical Cloud-Centric Applications from the User Experience Across the Internet to the Code

Catchpoint Tracing Offers Deep Visibility for Critical Cloud-Centric Applications from the User Experience Across the Internet to the Code

New York, May 14, 2024 Catchpoint, The leader in Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), unveiled Catchpoint Tracing, a capability allowing DevOps and IT Operations teams to seamlessly integrate traces into their other Internet Stack observability data, enabling them to make faster decisions in an ever-changing, increasingly complex and fragile Internet ecosystem. This latest innovation solidifies Catchpoint as the gold standard in Internet Performance Monitoring, providing the first of its kind visibility across the entire Internet Stack all the way down to the individual line of code.

Catchpoint Tracing - coupled with the insights derived from IPM - enables full end-to-end visibility. Teams can visualize request journeys through backend application components and gain code-level insights into cloud-first applications. Unlike traditional Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools that monitor from the inside out, Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform with Tracing takes an outside-in perspective of digital experience, offering a holistic view that extends from the Internet to the application and its dependencies (access a full comparison here). This unique Internet-centric approach enables operations teams to understand the entire end-to-end path of the user journey and diagnose application errors or performance latency in seconds.

Key benefits of Catchpoint Tracing include:

  • Diagnosis of failed requests by tracing across the application, through the architecture, to the component level.
  • Troubleshooting of application performance for upstream or downstream dependencies (whether native or not).
  • Balance innovation velocity with reliability to meet the twin needs of developers who are focused on product innovation and ITOps teams striving for system resilience.
    • Optimize costs by monitoring only those components of the Internet and Application Stacks that matter.
    • Native support for OpenTelemetry to easily integrate with other observability frameworks.
    • Simplicity in deployment with automated instrumentation and a simple pricing model.

“Legacy APM vendors provide some cloud synthetic testing capabilities in conjunction with Tracing, but they all lack the ability to visualize the customer journey and identify issues across the Internet Stack,” said Dritan Suljoti, Chief Product and Technology Officer and co-founder, Catchpoint. “Catchpoint Tracing with OpenTelemetry runs within the same Internet Performance Monitoring Platform as our Synthetics, RUM and BGP products and can monitor across the Internet Stack from the end user’s perspective globally. We then automatically correlate any issues so that IT teams can rapidly troubleshoot and identify the root cause faster, accelerating MTTR.”

Catchpoint Tracing allows DevOps and IT Operations teams to address the complexities of modern application delivery and offer exceptional digital experiences to enterprise customers. Tracing safeguards business revenue by helping these teams gain a 360-degree view into how code impacts user experience across their entire journey. Thus, enabling them to deliver fast, resilient experiences, irrespective of size, complexity and distributed hosting environments.

“We find in our research that organizations focus on tier-1 mission-critical applications requiring continuous availability and, therefore, need the very best visibility. Our research shows 40% of respondents manage over 500 applications, spanning on-premises data centers, edge locations, colocation facilities, and cloud-based applications," states Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead and Lead Principal Analyst, The Futurum Group. "Catchpoint Tracing has entered the market to offer Tracing as part of an Internet Performance Monitoring Platform. Ops teams can now achieve full end-to-end IPM visibility from the user down to the code, from the end-user perspective, allowing them to rapidly identify where experience-impacting issues lie.”

Catchpoint Tracing supports OpenTelemetry (OTel) to easily enable integration with other Observability frameworks. By offering the ability to uncouple your tracing telemetry, Catchpoint joins OTel on our shared vision for effective observability by enabling easy interoperation with other open source software projects in the telemetry and observability ecosystem. Our tracing data seamlessly integrates with your Internet Stack telemetry.

Additional capabilities include:

§ Automated tracing with no code change

§ Support for cloud providers (e.g., AWS, GCP, and Azure)

§ Support for application platforms (e.g., AWS ECS, EKS, Lambda, and Kubernetes)

§ Support for multiple runtimes (e.g., Java, Python, Node.JS, .NET, and Go + OpenTelemetry)

§ Trace requests down to event-driven flows (e.g., Kafka, AWS SQS, AWS Kinesis)

§ Seamless integration with Internet Stack telemetry (e.g., Synthetics and Internet Synthetics)

Catchpoint Tracing is now available to all customers. Find more details here, or take a few minutes to learn more first-hand with our self-guided Catchpoint Tracing tour. For more information about Catchpoint’s suite of innovative solutions, visit

Reserve your spot for Catchpoint’s live Spring Launch Webinar hosted by Matt Izzo, Chief Product Officer, alongside Howard Beader, VP of Product Marketing. They’ll showcase all the recent innovations to the Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, including new products and enhanced capabilities that enable:

  • End-to-end visibility (user to code)
  • AI-powered optimization for integrating Internet Stack telemetry
  • Operational efficiency to support your DevOps lifecycle

About Catchpoint

Trusted by the world’s leading brands who understand that in the digital age performance is paramount, Catchpoint is dedicated to monitoring what matters, from where it matters, to catch issues across the Internet Stack – before they impact business.

The Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) Platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including Internet Synthetics, RUM, Tracing, AI, performance optimization, and advanced analytics, all supported by high-fidelity data and flexible visualizations. Leveraging thousands of global vantage points inside the critical systems and ISPs that make the Internet work, Catchpoint provides unparalleled visibility into what affects customer experiences, workforce efficiency, network performance, websites, applications, and APIs.

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