Catchpoint Revolutionizes Digital Resilience with First-of-its-Kind Internet Stack Map Enabling Live Critical Application Service Insights for Faster Issue Resolution

Catchpoint Revolutionizes Digital Resilience with First-of-its-Kind Internet Stack Map Enabling Live Critical Application Service Insights for Faster Issue Resolution

New York, May 14, 2024Catchpoint, the leader in Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM), today unveiled the first-of-its-kind Internet Stack Map. This groundbreaking capability automatically discovers all the key components, both internal and third-party, of an organization's critical services or applications. Internet Stack Map then visualizes the full capabilities of Catchpoint’s Internet Performance Monitoring Platform to establish a live, real-time map with enhanced alerting to showcase the status of that application or service. This latest innovation from the Internet Performance Monitoring leader stands as yet another proof point of why The Internet Relies on Catchpoint.

Every business depends on cloud-based applications, and their resilience and performance is therefore critical to the success of the business. Legacy tools are insufficient as these applications are no longer constrained by server uptime, infrastructure metrics, or local code. Today, applications are rather multi-cloud, hybrid, and service oriented. Indeed, most applications are a collection of dozens or hundreds of services and components that must work together in milliseconds across the Internet.

For many years, IT has utilized the benefits of application mapping that focused on code execution and device-centric network topology mapping. However, there has not been a system to display live health and performance data from the end user perspective that covers everything impacting their experience - from the user’s device, across the Internet, third-party dependencies, internal and external networks, down to the code – until now.

Internet Resilience is more important than ever, as nearly every part of our lives has moved online – from remote work to online shopping, banking and even our social interactions. And when users see that spinning wheel, they are quick to turn to a competitor. IT teams need the ability to pinpoint what’s broken and where, so they can fix it fast. Catchpoint enables organizations to monitor what matters, from where it matters and to make faster decisions to ensure Internet resilience for businesses existing within an ever-changing and fragile Internet ecosystem. Catchpoint’s new Internet Stack Map is the only solution that shows a customized view of both internal and external dependencies so teams can pinpoint and fix issues faster.

The SRE Report 2024 found that 64% of respondents agree on the need to monitor productivity or experience-impacting services, even if they are out of their control (but still in their responsibility), such as SaaS apps, BGP or third-party APIs, highlighting the need for engineers and ops teams to have visibility into their entire Internet Stack in one place. And with 76% of engineers driving post-incident work, catching issues before they become incidents will free up a significant amount of engineering time to focus instead on future innovation.

"There are two things that keep CIOs up at night: having systems that are up and running and the performance of these systems. We estimate the reputational, productivity, and revenue loss when these two things aren't working to be between $3-$5 billion. This isn't just an IT problem, it's a business problem," said Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint. "Internet Stack Map answers this call. The Catchpoint platform arms customers with the visibility and insights they need to proactively manage and resolve issues before they impact digital experiences.”

Key benefits of Internet Stack Map include:

  • Real-time monitoring for proactive issue detection and resolution. Visibility of all your critical Service Experiences in the Internet Stack through a live operational dashboard to minimize downtime and show severity over time.
  • Better decision-making. Powered by Catchpoint’s Internet Sonar, which monitorsthe Internet’s third-party services, cloud providers, ISPs, SaaS providers and more to quickly identify, "Is it us or is it something else?", removing the need to spin up expensive war rooms.
  • Enhanced control. Better visibility means better digital experiences.

“Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) tools have become essential to the modern enterprise,” said Shamus McGillicuddy, Vice President, Network Management Research, Enterprise Management Associates. “Catchpoint’s latest AI-based innovation in IPM, Internet Stack Map will provide IT teams with an at-a-glance visualization of all their critical dependencies. The new capability from Catchpoint empowers IT Ops teams to easily understand what is impacting each service and proactively resolve issues before they can impact business revenue, reputation, or productivity.”

The first company to introduce this capability, Catchpoint, continues to set the standard for excellence in Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) and resilience. Internet Stack Map enables IT professionals and SRE teams to gain invaluable and live insights into the stability and performance of their digital services all in one place. Users can drill down into errors across dependencies of first, second and even third parties to enable immediate troubleshooting.

With this new feature, enterprises will be able to proactively identify and resolve issues across the entire Internet Stack, including third-party services such as DNS, CDNs, cloud providers, ad servers and more that legacy APM providers are blind to. This ability enables organizations to continually optimize service experiences for their end users.

Internet Stack Map is now available to all Catchpoint customers.

Reserve your spot for Catchpoint’s live Spring Launch Webinar hosted by Matt Izzo, Chief Product Officer, alongside Howard Beader, VP of Product Marketing. They’ll showcase all the recent innovations to the Catchpoint Internet Performance Monitoring (IPM) platform, including new products and enhanced capabilities that enable:

  • End-to-end visibility (user to code)
  • AI-powered optimization for integrating Internet Stack telemetry
  • Operational efficiency to support your DevOps lifecycle

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