Catchpoint adds advanced Website Performance Monitoring, Testing, and Remediation to its internet resilience capabilities

Catchpoint adds advanced Website Performance Monitoring, Testing, and Remediation to its internet resilience capabilities

(New York, USA) – October 25, 2022 – Catchpoint®, the internet resilience companyTM, announced today their new Website Experience Monitoring solution to help businesses build websites that beat the competition on search rankings, deliver great brand experiences, and drive more revenue by converting more users.

The new solution brings WebpageTest capabilities directly into Catchpoint, enabling organizations to rapidly catch performance issues before they impact revenue. In addition, it provides developers actionable insights and the tools they need to dive deep and remediate even the most complicated performance issues that impact end users.

For Businesses

Website Performance and Revenue are deeply interlinked. One study by the BBC revealed that for every 1 second slower a page loads, an additional 10% of users will drop from the site. Slowdowns can be disastrous for news, media, and eCommerce businesses that rely on their website for revenue and can also negatively affect brand perception.

With Website Performance Monitoring by Catchpoint, businesses can give their QA, SRE, and Development teams the tools they need to identify and remediate front-end performance issues before they impact revenue. Rather than having separate tools for monitoring, alerting, and remediation, the addition of WebPageTest gives the entire team an end-to-end solution and enables seamless collaboration on one platform. 

For Developers and Managers

Developers need to know when their websites are performing poorly due to in-house code issues. Some solutions exist to alert development teams when site speed drops, but few give developers the tools they need to actively dive deep and rapidly remediate issues caused by, among many others: 

  • HTML requests
  • JavaScript load ordering and async calls
  • 3rd party dependencies
  • Variations in user device (browser, viewport, network throttling, etc.)

WebPageTest has earned a reputation as the gold standard for website performance testing because of its lengthy open-source development history and community contributions, leading to dozens of extremely powerful dev tools for performance testing. These include:

  • Highly-detailed waterfall charts w/ connections, events, and requests
  • 60 FPS webpage load filmstrips w/ key events highlighted (load complete, LCP, etc.)
  • Side-by-side test comparisons to identify changes between dates, locations, releases

Adding WebpageTest capabilities directly into Catchpoint gives your development team the metrics they need to track to continuously improve performance, the alerts they need to

  • Metrics to continuously monitor and improve performance
  • Alerts to identify when performance issues are introduced
  • Dev tools to rapidly find root causes and remediate issues
  • Correlate data with other Catchpoint tests, including Real User Monitoring & Synthetics

The new Website Performance Monitoring solution augments Catchpoint’s portfolio of Internet Resilience solutions which include; Customer, Workforce, Network, and Application Experience ensuring that organizations can catch any issues across their internet stack before it impacts their business. 

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Catchpoint is the Internet Resilience CompanyTM. The top online retailers, Global2000, CDNs, cloud service providers, and xSPs in the world rely on Catchpoint to increase their resiliency by catching any issues in the Internet stack before they impact their business. The Catchpoint platform offers synthetics, RUM, performance optimization, high fidelity data and flexible visualizations with advanced analytics. It leverages thousands of global vantage points (including inside wireless networks, BGP, backbone, last mile, endpoint, enterprise, ISPs and more) to provide unparalleled observability into anything that impacts your customers, workforce, networks, website performance, applications, and APIs.

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