Broadcom Unveils the Industry's First Open AIOps Platform Delivering a New Level of Full-Stack Observability for Hybrid Clouds

Broadcom Unveils the Industry's First Open AIOps Platform Delivering a New Level of Full-Stack Observability for Hybrid Clouds

SAN JOSE, Calif.,Dec. 1, 2020Broadcom Inc.(NASDAQ:AVGO)today announced the availability of the latest generation of AIOps from Broadcom, an open platform with artificial intelligencemachine learning and end-to-end observability that helps organizations achieve operational excellence. AIOps allows business and IT leaders to manage critical KPIs that align IT outputs to business outcomes, driving digital agility, while proactively ensuring enhanced customer and positive employee experiences.

"Imagine a lens that provides a clear and fully integrated view of your business with IT providing valuable intelligence that drives informed decision-making. This is no longer a wish list, this is a reality for our customers through the new Broadcom AIOps solution," said Serge Lucio, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Software Division, Broadcom. "AIOps from Broadcom provides enterprises with comprehensive observability across user experience, applications, infrastructure and networks delivering digital agility, actionable insights and intelligent automation— all enhancing business outcomes and customer experience."

As enterprises progress in their ongoing digital transformations, they face complex modern and hybrid IT environments,while adopting Site Reliability Engineering and automation approaches to achieve operational effectivenessCustomers and employees nowdemand instant access to services delivered by IT teams.However, many struggle to gain vital insights across heterogeneous digital landscapes due to disparate tooling, increased volume of data, increase in remote traffic, frequency in redundant tasks, and lack of actionable insights.

NewLeading-Edge Capabilities

AIOps from Broadcom is an open platform that correlates and analyzes a broad range of IT observability data sources and acts as a trusted proof point for the IT Operations analytics offered in Broadcom's BizOps solution. AIOps from Broadcom now includes new AI/ML techniques and customizable views for enhanced actionable insights. New capabilities include: 

  • Full-Stack Observability for hybrid clouds, cloud-native applications, distributed tracing, mobile-to-mainframe insights and network telemetry while providing users openness to ingest other data sources quickly with 15 new third-party data integrations.

  • DX Dashboardsprovide rich visualizations for task-based persona-driven insights along with unfettered access to all data to easily customize and create company-specific dashboards.

  • Service and Alarm Analytics include additional machine learning topology and correlation, casual graphs and intelligent situational analysis for automatic root cause analysis, noise mitigation, alarm clustering, and anomaly detection.

  • Intelligent Automationbased on a recommendation engine connects root cause analysis with extensive out-of-the-box actions and automation strategy based on problem scenarios.

  • Capacity Analytics provide service-aware configuration for capacity planning and drill-downs for service context and group context to identify the potential over-utilized or under-utilized resources and optimize the capacity allocation.

  • Continuous Feedback Loopsconnect data across development, IT and the business for views and insights across disparate data sets and siloed teams.

  • Machine Learningbased on an extensive library of algorithms, natural language processing and an ontological graphical topology for rich situational correlation for continuous learning and improved automated root cause analysis.

  • Software to Silicon Insights— apply AI and ML to rich, granular data capture at the chip level to enable a uniqueAI-driven solution for real-time proactive network congestion and packet loss triage.

"It was vital that our teams moved from a focus on managing IT resources to managing business implementations, so we started by eliminating the lines that traditionally separated IT and business," said Mike Sydor, chief architect, ADP. "A big part of that effort required us to establish views, dashboards, and reports that reflected both perspectives. By leveraging the comprehensive insights garnered through AIOps from Broadcom, we were able to accelerate the move away from having staff concentrate on individual metrics and instead have them focused on the metrics that are significant for good business outcomes."[1][read the full story here]

Forrester recommends organizations invest in AIOps saying, "AI for IT operations (AIOps) is unifying traditional infrastructure, public cloud, application performance management (APM), and even network monitoring." [2] - Rich Lane, senior analyst, Forrester Research. 

Broadcom AIOps Virtual Forum

In conjunction with this announcement, Broadcom unveiled the results of a Broadcom sponsored report "Using AIOps to Gain Observability and Insight: A Global Survey of Executives and IT Professionals" conducted by Dimensional Research. For a full copy of the report and to learn more about how the world's leading companies are driving business outcomes, join Broadcom for the AIOps Virtual Forum"Maximizing Value and Success with AIOps in 2021," December 3, 2020 at 11AM(ET).Visit AIOps from Broadcom to learn more about how AIOps is augmenting human intelligence to help manage increasingly complex app infrastructures, automate remediation and align business and IT.

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