Blancco Saves 107M KG of IT Devices from Becoming E-waste

Blancco Saves 107M KG of IT Devices from Becoming E-waste

AUSTIN and LONDON – October 19, 2023 — Blancco Technology Group, the industry standard in data erasure and mobile lifecycle solutions, today announced that its software was used to erase 63.8 million devices in FY 2023 (July 2022 to June 2023), an increase of 11.2 million devices on the previous year.

This prevented an equivalent of 107 million kilograms (236 million lbs.) of IT devices, about the weight of 583 jumbo jets, from potentially entering landfill. The pre-use carbon footprint of those devices—the total emissions produced from their creation to first use—is approximately 8.3 billion kilograms, a substantial amount that would otherwise be used to create new devices. 

Through using Blancco's software, companies were able to avoid physical destruction of unwanted or end-of-life devices. Instead, those devices can now be reused, recycled, donated, or sold through the circular economy.

Blancco published this information and more on its approaches to climate-related issues in its 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. The report is a comprehensive overview of the metrics and policies that are material to Blancco in demonstrating a positive social and environmental impact, including updates on its diversity and inclusion initiatives and its latest governance data.

In FY 2023, Blancco also retained its carbon neutral status, successfully reducing its carbon intensity and completely removing its Scope 2 emissions through the purchase of renewable energy certificates. In late 2022, the business was upgraded to an AA rating on the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment.

The strategic acquisition of WipeDrive at the end of the last financial year has further strengthened Blancco's offering and capabilities to support its customers in satisfying both data security regulations and environmental impact expectations.

While its solutions irreversibly remove data to strengthen a customer's security posture, it also enables greater engagement with the circular economy, making clear Blancco's commitment to "erasing data for good". As testament to this, Blancco was awarded "Best Security Product of the Year" at the Cyber Security Awards (December 2022) and named "Best ICT Device Circular Economy Enterprise – UK" in the BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards (December 2022).

"Three years ago we made clear our commitments regarding ESG and we did not make those lightly. We continue to challenge ourselves in meeting our customers' and employees' expectations when it comes to maintaining the highest standards of data security, promoting more sustainable practices and working towards increasing the diversity of our workforce. These are critical initiatives and ones we're committed to making core to Blancco's identity as a company," said Matt Jones, CEO, Blancco.

I'm incredibly proud of the work the team has done to help accelerate the transition to a circular economy and minimize the impact of e-waste on our planet. At Blancco, we are about 'erasing data for good.' We have the ultimate goal of becoming a net zero business while continuing to be a better corporate citizen that leaves lasting, positive impact on our communities."

In addition to its work on becoming a better environmental steward, Blancco recognizes the value of highly engaged, motivated and happy employees.

Finally, the report outlines how Blancco has continued to support customers with data security and achieving their own ESG objectives. Clear expectations are established with customers regarding ethical behaviour, and approaches to data privacy and security continuously improve. In FY 2023, Blancco saw zero data breaches and achieved a customer NPS score of 61.8. 

The 2023 ESG report was developed in alignment with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board's (SASB) industry standard for Software & IT Services, and recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Blancco is also a member of the UN Global Compact, a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation, and disclosure of responsible business practices. The business continues to assess its impact in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To understand more about how Blancco is enabling companies to engage with the circular economy, supporting its employees and local communities, and maintain best in class governance practices, read the full 2023 ESG report here: 2023 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report.

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