AlmaAI - Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations

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AlmaAI - Comprehensive Analysis and Recommendations

AlmaAI®, the family name for the AI features within the Almaden Collective IQ® Business Edition, represents a sophisticated approach to problem analysis and resolution. Driven by cutting-edge technology, such as generative AI, AlmaAI harnesses the power of computer intelligence to detect issue patterns and suggest recommendations for correction. It also helps organize IT priorities to address reported and unreported problems, as well as anticipate needs. Finally, AlmaAI comprises essential virtual assistant capabilities to facilitate employee self-help using information provided by IT and other corporate departments (example, Human Resources), in addition to externally learned information.

Focusing on AlmaAI’s generative AI capabilities, a world of possibilities opens up for businesses seeking to enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction. This revolutionary technology empowers organizations to proactively address issues that may impede user productivity and remain unnoticed without its insightful intervention. AlmaAI acts as an ever-vigilant ally, helping businesses unravel complexities and unlock optimization potential, ultimately paving the way for an exceptional digital employee experience.

Enhancing Helpdesk Efficiency with Generative AI

AskAlma™, a key component of the AlmaAI™ family, empowers helpdesk teams and similar roles within organizations to investigate issues that may impede user productivity. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, along with a point-and-click paradigm, AskAlma enables a comprehensive analysis of data for issues which are shared by users. These issues, which may have gone unreported, enable IT to see beyond individuals to address groups or departments of users. This ground-breaking technology saves time while making IT support staff more efficient.

It does this by analyzing large amounts of data, searching for patterns, and grouping results into categories fitting the question posed to AlmaAI. This data comes from Collective IQ® in the form of metrics such as CPU usage, memory allocation, disk performance, and error rates. AlmaAnalysis uncovers hidden patterns in the data and identifies the most relevant high-value data. It then asks the support user to select devices of interest, aggregates similarities based on the provided data and metrics, and provides actionable recommendations based on root cause analysis. Often times, AskAlma will even provide links to references details, should the IT user want to know more.

AskAlma - Response

Turning Helpdesk Predictive

While AskAlma™ enables helpdesk personnel to proactively gain valuable insights into user experiences and identify pain points in real time, AlmaPredict™ facilitates an understanding of future experiences. With its advanced algorithms analyzing large volumes of user data, it searches for experience trends, correlates, and presents them based on the likely occurrence of future events. Again, actionable recommendations are presented to support personnel to mitigate issues before they blow up. This addresses not only employee productivity and satisfaction but is also useful for budget planning and execution.

In keeping with other members of the AlmaAI family, a point-and-click paradigm is used. There is no need to create code or craft prompts; the IT member merely clicks on pre-determined questions or can form their own from simple templates, and then selects the devices to be analyzed based on the trending list returned by AlmaPredict™

This capability empowers helpdesk personnel and similar roles to anticipate and resolve issues before they get out of hand. Staying a step ahead improves satisfaction with IT while enabling better employee performance and better budget oversight.

AlmaAI - Predict UI

AlmaAI - Predict Response

Optimizing IT Service Desk Prioritization

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving technological landscape, IT service desk personnel are challenged to prioritize issues that address employee performance-related bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Here again is where the power of generative AI plays a role, by spotting patterns in critical metrics such as CPU usage, memory consumption, disk performance, and error rates. This time, by harnessing the capabilities of AlmaAI™ and leveraging the comprehensive data amassed by Collective IQ®, service desk personnel are empowered with precise priorities to address encountered issues. The “Issues to Focus on Today” feature of Collective IQ® gives IT support what they need to address groups of users (or individuals) with reported or unreported issues. With extensive data, analyses, and recommendations they can act quickly, perhaps even before users start their workday.

Clearly See the Benefits

By leveraging the benefits of Collective IQ®, combined with the intelligence of AlmaAI®, helpdesk personnel can proactively detect and investigate issues for both groups of users and individuals, even before they are reported. This proactive approach allows for the identification of potential obstacles and impediments to user productivity, ensuring a seamless experience for all employees. Moreover, the predictive nature of this technology empowers helpdesk staff to anticipate issues based on trending data, enabling them to address problems before they escalate.

This integration of advanced AI capabilities not only streamlines the troubleshooting process but also enhances employee satisfaction. With quick issue resolution and preventive measures in place, employees have minimal downtime and can focus on their tasks more efficiently. Additionally, these technologies enable helpdesk teams to prioritize their work effectively by spotting patterns in high value metrics. As a result, IT support personnel can allocate their resources optimally, resulting in faster response times and increased employee satisfaction.

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Take a look at Collective IQ® (often referred to as CIQ®) to see how AlmaAI, Artificial Intelligence for Digital Employee Experience Management, can benefit your business.