7 Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Online Trading Results

7 Tools You Can Use To Improve Your Online Trading Results

Apr 13, 2022
3 minutes

You don’t need to look for stock quotes in the newspaper anymore; the world of stock trading has evolved considerably in recent decades and has radically transformed into a digital industry. Stocks can now be purchased and sold instantly from our smartphones or via sophisticated trading systems. 

Stock firm news, updates, and quotes, on the other hand, are communicated via chat rooms, Twitter, and even app alerts. The point is that if you're not taking advantage of the innumerable stock technologies available, you're missing out on some significant profits. Therefore, it's critical to build an effective trading toolkit to help you improve your online trading performance. Here are seven tools that are ideal for the job.

  • 1. Trading Platform

    The first step to establishing a successful online trading career is to select a robust online trading platform that you can rely on. But, with the many options available online, where do you start? There are many considerations to make when choosing a suitable trading platform for yourself. You’ll have to take into account your expertise, your budget, the resources provided by the platform, and many other details. Brand reputation is also an essential consideration to make when choosing the best online trading platform for yourself. Often, platforms with advanced resources have prerequisite conditions like higher commission rates or a minimum account balance requirement. 

    The right platform will also help you figure out what kind of strategy you'll be using once you get out there and start winning at the stock market. They'll give you a lot more information on options trading and other strategies. For example, some platforms offer trading simulators that will allow you to practice and refine your strategies without having to put any real money at risk. Others, on the other hand, provide access to resources such as real-time charts, news feeds, and advanced proprietary indicators that can give you an edge over the competition.

  • 2. Stock Charts

    Stock charts are an integral component for any trader who wants to perform proper technical analysis to predict the future performance of a certain stock, based on past movements. There are various technical indicators that can be analyzed using stock charts, as they encompass trading patterns and the performance of different stocks. Users can easily access a stock’s history through these patterns and analyze benchmark performances, security, and volatilities of these assets. 

  • 3. Stock Screeners

    Stock screeners make your job as a trader several times easier, as they allow you to apply filters to your stock searches, and find assets suited perfectly to your needs. There are different criteria filters you can apply, depending on your preferences. You can get results based on market size, industry, dividend yield, share price, and many other factors. Applying these filters to your searches will ensure that you quickly find suitable stocks to invest in. 

  • 4. Trading App

    Whether you’re a full-time trader, or trading is merely a side hustle of yours, a trading app will make things much more convenient for you. It’s important that you choose a broker with an efficient trading app so that you can conveniently view quotes, or even buy and sell stocks via your smartphone. There are even some downloadable software programs available that can substitute your online trading platform. The information found at https://usethinkscript.com/p/download-thinkorswim/ recommends that you consider using an installed platform on your desktop for a more secure experience. Most of these apps and software are similar to their websites and have the ability to read stock charts, do market research, and acquire stock assets. 

  • 5. Idea-Generation Tools

    There are many resources available to help come up with trade ideas which include growth opportunities, market research, market updates, and initial stock offerings among others. These services analyze emerging stock trends and generate trade ideas that help you make advantageous trade decisions instantly. Idea generation can also be done through fundamental analysis to get a clear picture of how stock companies are doing. This is why idea generation is directly linked to market research. 

  • 6. Market Research Tools

    Investing in a market research tool is probably the best decision you’ll ever make for your trading career. While many market research resources cost an ample amount, there are some free resources available that you can try out to get a clear picture of why you need these tools. Market research tools include stock growth tip sheets, technical analysis, dividend scoring, trend forecasts, and test market strategies. Research and analysis are essential in any given industry, but especially so in stock market trading. 

  • 7. Financial Planning Tool

    There are many financial planning options available online that are affordable, and some are even free. If you’re really serious about your trading career, it’s important that you have a proper long-term financial plan in place. First, you will need to get a handle on your personal finances, and then move towards planning the finances of your stock assets. Your financial planning tool will essentially have the ability to link all your accounts together and display your assets on a single dashboard. You will be able to track your spending and get alerted about any future bill payments. 

Stock market trading has never been more convenient than today, with the many trading technologies available on the market. As a trader, you are bound to find many tools that may interest you, however, you should invest mindfully when it comes to trading tools. Make sure you consider all your options before selecting the most suitable tools for your trading toolbox.