6 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out at Events

6 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out at Events

Jun 21, 2021
1 minute

Business events, such as trade shows, are great ways to get your brand noticed and drive new commerce. However, it also means you’re in a room with plenty of competition, which is why it’s so important to have your brand stand out. Corporate events, business venues, and more are ideal for drawing the right sort of attention to your brand and hopefully making a lasting impression.

Here are six ways you can help your brand to stand out.

  1. Send Out Information Ahead of Time

Instead of waiting for consumers to stumble across your stand, be sure to send out information and invitations to visit your stand ahead of time. Sending the invitations out to your existing clientele and mailing list will help to build loyalty and long-term relationships with existing customers.

Providing public information, like on social media, helps to draw in interest from potential new customers so that they can pay your stand a visit.

  1. Impress with Visuals

In a busy exhibition hall, or other corporate event, the visual impact will be everything. Therefore, stand design, or the design of your setup is important in drawing the attention of potential new customers. Digital signage is a must if you want to make a great impression; providers like www.mandoemedia.com/ can provide seamless displays to best show off your brand images, information, and more.

This is especially helpful if your digital boards are based at a higher point so that people can notice them from afar and over the top of crowds.

  1. Pick the Right Team

The brand representatives you choose to man your stand, or any other brand event will make a difference for first impressions and memorability. Firstly, having enough staff on hand to attend to a lot of visitors will be a great help, then you don’t risk any consumers becoming disgruntled having to wait — or risk them leaving altogether.

Having team members who are well-versed in your product or service and having sales experience will also be a boon so that they can impress with their knowledge and therefore stay in the minds of those consumers who have visited your brand.

  1. Be Bright

Even if your brand color scheme isn’t bright or colorful, it’s important to make your stand bright and eye-catching. Trade shows or events are the perfect opportunities to have a little more fun, be creative with what you have on display, and use the colors you’re using.

  1. Provide Free Giveaways

The more creatively you think about your giveaway items, the more of an impression you can make. Therefore, it’s better to go the extra mile with thoughtful and tailored giveaway items that best represent your brand rather than generic souvenirs.

  1. Be Sure to Follow Up

As a final tip: always follow up! Even if your interactions go successfully and you have a lot of interested consumers, this might not secure an end sale if you don’t follow up. Following up in a professional way to check in with those people who left their details with you creates a good impression and helps to remind consumers of your brand.