The 4 Biggest Issues Facing Employees In 2023

The 4 Biggest Issues Facing Employees In 2023

As the working world has always evolved, there is more of a need for employees to evolve along with it. Unfortunately for the average worker, modern technology has evolved more in the last fifty years than at any other point in history. What's more, these advancements have also brought with them a series of other issues.

2023 is a year when all of this unsettlement around this new technology is supposed to relax. However, there are still some serious issues facing the modern workforce in this period.


Any job role in the past would have required you to go out and get the relevant degree or qualification to know how to work in that field. While your enthusiasm or ability to gain some more experience in the role could have been enough to give you an edge over other job role candidates in the past, you may find yourself losing out on job opportunities more often in 2023.

This is because technology is advancing so quickly. Sadly, it may mean that the tech that you learned to use during your training may be surpassed by the time you enter the workplace. As such, a competing candidate that is more in tune with the tech world could edge you out of a job role. Therefore, the competition in the job market is fiercer in 2023 than it has ever been.


Workplace safety is by no means a new concern for employees. However, employees are now more responsible for company safety than ever before.

The rise of computer software in the workplace has also given rise to the amount of cybercrime that takes place. As such, every employee is capable of making a small error that could put a company's financial information, or someone else's personal details, at risk. While some jobs will require some CITB online courses for employees to remain safe, those working with digital devices need to be more careful in the workplace. Preventing the issue of a computer breach involves learning how to be aware of online scams and undergoing cyber security training.

Mental Well-Being

It has always been important for workplace employees to focus on their own mental well-being. However, more information on the subject is now available to the average employee. This means that more people are aware of the well-being of those around them and are more concerned with having to address the issue of other people's mental well-being.

Company Downsizing

Modern technology has given rise to several benefits in the workplace. While some of these new technologies have offered some new downsides, there are some other elements of 2023 causing issues for the average employee.

For example, the current state of the economy has forced a lot of companies to let staff go to survive. This means that many employees have had to face unemployment or take on new responsibilities at work.


The working world is still just as productive as ever. However, it is still important for employers to pay attention to some of the issues facing their employees in 2023.