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RailsConf recap with John Nunemaker

Josh and Ben are joined by John Nunemaker to discuss their recent trip to Detroit for RailsConf, as well as the announcement from RubyCentral that 2025 will mark the final RailsConf (though not the last Rails conference!). Later in the episode, Josh and Ben reveal the outcome of their Honeybadger Insights launch goal and discuss the team's last dev cycle. John also shares an update on his work with Flipper!

Insights Into Our Marketing Playbook

This week, Josh and Ben dive deep into the marketing strategy for their new product, Insights, in response to a listener question. They talk about what groups they are targeting first, some of the planned marketing tactics for reaching each group, and how they are building awareness within the Honeybadger app without annoying existing users.

Tales From The Good/Bad Old Days Of Freelance Gigs

This week The Founders take a trip down freelancer memory lane and talk about the hot apps they built and which of them are still alive. They also cover NFTs, pivoting to private equity, and candy bar servers. Also, is "spider season" an official season in the Pacific Northwest?!?!? Click to listen now on the interwebs.

Hook Relay Launched! Was it Fireworks or Crickets?

This week the Founders recap the initial Hook Relay launch and cover things they learned along the way. Also discussed is if developers will struggle to find purpose if products like Hook Relay make their lives too easy. Lastly, do you remember the days of converting PSDs to HTML? Tune in and prepare for launch!

Everyone Says It's a Bad Idea; Should You Do It Anyway?

It's a special edition episode this week as Ben chats with Felix Livni of Schedulista to talk startups. There are plenty of hot takes to go around such as ignoring good advice when starting a business, how boostrappers should do the exact opposite things that a venture funded company does, and why you may consider direct mail for a SaaS business. Grab your pitchforks and tune in!