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Cisco Live EMEA '24 - Let's talk Full-Stack Observability!

Listen in on this conversation with Ronak Desai - Cisco AppDynamics SVP and General Manager for Full-Stack Observability where he discusses recent innovations such as the advancements with Digital Experience Monitoring and why DEM is important, Cisco AI Assistant and how Cisco leverages AI, and the Cisco Observability Platform with its huge number of developer led modules. Chapters.

Cisco AppDynamics for SAP in retail

In this video, Matt Schuetze discusses the challenges retailers face during peak sales periods, along with shifting consumer behaviors. Their SAP systems must manage a wide gap between the highest stresses during peak times and the regular loads during off-peak seasons, exposing retailers to poor customer experience outcomes. He expands on how using AppDynamics for SAP to monitor, manage, and respond to these challenges in real-time help retailers protect their customers’ experience and support their ongoing pursuit of competitive edge.

Cisco AppDynamics for SAP in Manufacturing: an analysis of challenges and solutions

In this Cisco Cloud Observability video, Matt Schuetze delves into the complex challenges that define today's manufacturing business landscape—and how Cisco AppDynamics can integrate with SAP environments to address them. The video offers an essential understanding of the manufacturing industry’s challenges and the role SAP plays in it. Matt explains Cisco AppDynamics’ unique capability to link business process steps and flows to the underlying ABAP code and HANA database calls, providing a direct connection to user experience within the SAP environment.

Feature Spotlight - Introducing Smart Agent for Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics Smart Agent will transform how you manage your agent lifecycle. It orchestrates your agent lifecycle tasks through an enhanced UI, or through an advanced CLI. Learn about the recently released Smart Agent and Agent Management for Cisco AppDynamics in the video below. It includes an overview and short demonstration of the primary use case: identifying agents that must be updated, and how to perform agent updates in bulk.

Smart Agent for Cisco AppDynamics is here!

Unlock business and performance insights... See how Smart Agent dramatically simplifies application instrumentation through intelligent agent automation and lifecycle management — saving you time, accessing new capabilities and gaining business context. Simplify your agent management in a few clicks... Save time and effort installing and managing agents at scale with a centralized agent management console. AppDynamics provides a complete agent inventory, managed by Smart Agent, to quickly flag and upgrade out-of-date agents to support better version compliance and reporting.

Swisscom breaking through internal silos with Cisco AppDynamics

Switzerland's leading telecom provider, Swisscom, managed to break through their internal silos and gain end- to-end application performance visibility. This led to on-track performance in reaching their goal of delivering 100% service quality to their customers. Understand how they did it, and which Cisco AppDynamics products they implemented to eliminate the barriers and obstacles blocking success.

Optimizing usability for evolving applications

In line with enterprise applications transitioning to the cloud, the need for simplified and efficient observability solutions is growing. AppDynamics’ cloud native response is an innovative platform designed to effortlessly onboard customer cloud environments, automate monitoring of ephemeral environments, and streamline MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces) data correlation. By leveraging the power of data science—including machine learning and AI—it provides comprehensive solutions to challenges arising from applications, Kubernetes, infrastructure, or other cloud-native aspects in a multi-cloud world.

Analyze Transaction Scores to understand the impact of increased user activity

An increase in user activity can create a larger impact of degraded performance, should the systems not be fully tuned properly. A small problem could easily lead to an exponential one if not addressed quickly. The AppDynamics Transaction Scorecard helps you focus on any issue that grows as user access grows by providing a simple yet effective indication of how transactions perform according to one of five categories: normal, slow, very slow, stalled, or those that have errors.