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Redgate SQL Monitor - Monitor SQL server performance and availability

Open up Redgate SQL Monitor and, wherever your servers are, you’ll get the full picture of their health in an instant. Its web-based interface gives you an at-a-glance understanding of your entire estate whether it’s hosted on-premises, on Virtual Machines, or in Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. You can then drill down to analyse both current and historic metrics for your servers such as top queries, waits, tempdb and more.

How Database Monitoring Tools Assist in the Auditing Process | Interview with Chris Yates, SVP

Regardless of industry, data is one of the most valuable assets a company has. Every senior leader should be thinking about how to reduce risk, meet audit and compliance requirements and protect their business’ reputation. In this short clip, taken from a longer webinar hosted by Redgate, Chris Yates explains how a database monitoring tool can help meet auditing requirements quickly and easily.

Why Database Monitoring Tools are Important for Senior Business Leaders | Interview with Matt Gordon

Matt Gordon is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP and the Director of Data and Infrastructure at Rev.io. In this short video, he talks us through the 3 key reasons database monitoring tools are essential for him as a Director, and how they help him to lead a team successfully and productively.

Flyway Desktop: Working with PostgreSQL

Flyway Desktop now supports PostgreSQL. Now you can take advantage of a hybrid development environment that allows you control your database objects in a state-based manner in development, but then take full advantage of a migrations approach for deployments. This makes using Flyway for automated deployments even easier to manage and implement.

DBAle 39: Short stories- the beginning, Moet, and end of Season One

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, that’s right it’s International Short Story Day. Our narrative covers Agile stories, Developer stories, short girl appreciation, and of course a novel Unwin original…or 3. In ‘The News’ we read all about Log4j, Y2K and Minecraft, before our hosts drop a big bang bombshell, turning a page in the book of life. It’s true poetry in motion as Chris and Chris raise their Moet (reading) glasses in testament to a whopping 39.5 episodes of DBAle Season One. So, grab yourself a beer and join our legendary Chris duo for the last chapter – the end.

DBAle 38: That's absurd! Does it even pass as database development?

It’s officially National Absurdity Day, although, this could pass as just another DBAle. In the (soya) meat of the episode, our hosts pass the time discussing the frankly absurd database development practices that are somehow still passable in 2021. While the news celebrates the PASS Data Community Summit, and the importance of passwords in data security with Troy Hunt. So, pass yourself a beer, a champers, or a Passoa, and tune in – cheers.

DBAle 37: Neuro (just not name) diversity

Your usual Chris duo becomes a trio, as they welcome Friend of Redgate and autism spectrum self-advocate, Chris Voss. Only our 2nd ever guest Chris on the show, he joins us to demystify the myths of neurodiversity, its meaning, influence, and prevalence within the IT sector. Things get a little hazy as our Chris trinity start on the beer, but they keep IT relevant talking cloud, widgets, and acronyms. So, grab yourself a beer and join the Chris trifecta – cheers.