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Merging to Main #8: Ethics & AI with Paul O'Reilly & Dan Garfield, Codefresh

🚨 Merging to Main is back with a new host! 🚨 Let's welcome Paul O'Reilly 🎉 and follow along on his journey of exploring topics around Tech, DevOps, AI, Argo and others, with all sorts of awesome people from all around the globe! 🌎 During this session we have Codefresh's Chief Open Source Officer, Dan Garfield joining Paul live to talk about all things Ethics & AI.

Merging to Main #7: Scaling CI/CD Across Languages & Technologies

Language specific companies used to be the norm because of the complexities of switching programming languages between projects and toolsets. In the last decade the entire market has shifted towards “use the best language for the job” which means achieving efficient Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) needs to be more than just language agnostic, it needs to be language empowering.

Merging to Main #5: Coexisting Between Kubernetes & Legacy Tech with Mark Panthofer, Nvisia

Are you trying to balance your CI/CD resources and effort between Kubernetes and your legacy tech? Don't know how to encourage adoption of the new processes? On this episode of Merging to Main, we'll cover just that. This episodes guest is Mark Panthofer, VP of DevOps & Cloud at nvisia and, during this session, Brandon and Mark discuss how your CI/CD can coexist between two distinct technology worlds.

GitOps the Planet #16: Using SLOs to Improve Software Delivery

Kit Merker is the one of the original product managers for Kubernetes and now Chief Growth Officer at Nobl9 where they're delivering a new open standard called OpenSlo. SLOs, or service-level-objectives, provide a framework for understanding performance targets and making judgements about software changes and how they impact uptime. But it's not just a standard, it's also code. Come find out about it with Kit in this GitOps the Planet!

GitOps the Planet #17: Ditching Old and Busted CI/CD with Kat Cosgrove

Kat Cosgrove's (@Dixie3Flatline) unique mix of wit and technical acumen has made her one of the most influential thought leaders in DevOps. She recently gave a number of talks focused on the history and evolution of CI/CD, how it started, and how it's changing. In this GitOps the Planet we'll dive into that history along with how GitOps is changing the automation game once again.

A GitOps Approach to Infrastructure Management with Codefresh (Ovais Tariq & Robert Barabas, Tigris)

GitOps has been at the forefront of agile deployments. However, managing these deployments at a scale, with a constantly growing number of environments can be a daunting task for startups. In this webinar, Ovais Tariq, Co-Founder and CEO, and Robert Barabas, Founding Engineer share how Tigris addressed some of these challenges with the help of Codefresh's Hosted ArgoCD!

Merging to Main #4: Feature Flags

Feature Flagging comes with many benefits, like testing new features in a live environment without exposing them to all users, rolling back changes quickly if something goes wrong, and helping isolate the feature development process from deployment so you can better manage your dev cycles. Like everything in the CI/CD world, all features and tools require careful consideration. You want to avoid creating additional tech debt and complicating your codebase, and you certainly want to avoid introducing unnecessary work to a likely already overworked team.

GitOps the Planet #15: AI Comes to Kubernetes with Alex Jones

The first real application for AI and LLMs has come to Kubernetes in the form of K8sGPT, a cli that can be used to help operators understand exactly what's going on with their clusters. Our guest, Alex Jones, is the creator of K8sGPT and we'll talk about how the project started, where it's seeing the biggest uses, and where AI will impact DevOps in the future. Don't miss this revolutionary GitOps the Planet!

GitOps the Planet #14: Building Open Source Communities with Itay Shakury

Itay is the VP Open Source at Aqua Security and CNCF Ambassador. In this GitOps the Planet, we'll discuss open source, dev advocacy, community and how we approach these open source roles. Open source lives at the intersection of community and business, striking the right balance and tone is critical to having a sustainable project with strong community buy-in to serve as the foundation for successful businesses. Come hear all about it!