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Crossplane's Quest for Scale as the first next-gen infra management tool - GitOps the Planet #7

Crossplane is a next-generation infrastructure management tool that brings cloud-native primitives to managing all kinds of infrastructure, not just Kubernetes but really any infra. The value is huge, especially when doing GitOps, but how is Crossplane tackling scale to handle so many types of resources? We’ll find out in this episode with Viktor Farcic.

GitOps The Planet #6 - K3s, Rancher, and now Acorn - Dev Productivity Nirvana with Darren Shepherd

ibuildcloud, aka Darren Shepherd, is the CTO and co-founder at Acorn Labs - a simple application development framework for Kubernetes. Before Acorn Labs, Darren was the CTO and co-founder of Rancher Labs (acquired by Suse) where he created k3s and a lot more. In this episode we'll talk about the changing developer experience landscape the effect of GitOps, k3s, and these new frameworks.

Baking Security into your DevOps Supply Chain with Argo CD & OPA - Dan Garfield (DevOps Experience)

Argo CD has become the defacto entry for engineering teams to deploy and manage their applications while Open Policy Agent has become one of the most reliable security policy enforcement engines. These two tools work perfectly together and yet there are very few articles and videos on the subject! In this talk, we look at the best strategies for getting these tools to work together to improve the software delivery supply chain. We’ll look at admission hooks, sync waves, and other ways to ensure your applications and clusters are always running in a secure and safe manner. Including example files and reference repos.

Building a Fleet of GKE Clusters with Argo CD with Nick Ebert, Google

Organizations on a journey to containerize applications and run them on Kubernetes often reach a point where running a single cluster doesn't meet their needs. ArgoCD and Fleets offer a great way to ease the management of multi-cluster environments by allowing you to define your clusters state based on labels abstracting away the focus from unique clusters to profiles of clusters that are easily replaced. In this talk Nicholas will show you one way to build a platform that removes the uniqueness of a GKE cluster with Fleets and Argo CD.