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Why you need to prepare your network for the rise of generative AI

The evolution of generative AI is beginning to rapidly transform the way that we work and communicate. This is only set to increase as generative AI excels in providing business value by driving innovation and making intelligent decisions at unprecedented speeds. However, to fully harness its potential, organisations must ensure that they deploy this revolutionary technology safely, securely and responsibly with the right network connectivity.

How NaaS is revolutionising network management

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is revolutionising network management by helping businesses take greater control of the provisioning, payment and management of network services. In our on-demand webinar, “Unlocking the power of network automation”, Lisa Wright took a deeper look at how network automation, SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NaaS are shaping the future of networking and delivering value for enterprises.

How to choose your Software Defined Cloud Interconnect provider

With a growing number of enterprises adopting Software Defined Cloud Interconnects (SDCIs) to better support their hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures, what are the features, functions and capabilities you should look for when choosing your private connectivity partner?

Console Connect recognised as gold-tier Google Verified Peering Provider

In the cloud-centric world of today, enterprises rely on highly available connectivity for access to public-facing Google Cloud apps, Google Workspace, or Google APIs. Some also need to access latency sensitive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions, combining security and networking services on one cloud platform.

Comparing ways to privately connect devices to the cloud

The biggest driver behind the Internet of Things (IoT) is the value that can be unlocked through data analytics. When you have hundreds, thousands, or millions of devices capable of reporting on an almost unlimited number of attributes, statuses, or environmental factors, the opportunity for businesses to create optimisations or brand new revenue streams is huge.

Software Defined Cloud Interconnect becoming essential for private cloud connectivity

For enterprises using both hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures, Software Defined Cloud Interconnects (SDCIs) are increasingly well-recognised as the most advantageous approach to private cloud connectivity. In fact, by 2027 Gartner® predicts 30% of enterprises will employ SDCI services to connect to public cloud service providers. This is a threefold increase from less than 10% in 2022.

The truth about cloud data egress fees: They're not going away yet

It’s well understood that getting data into the cloud costs nothing. Depending on the route you take to engage with a cloud provider, there are dozens of free credits, allowances, and trial offers designed to make it easy to store your data with them. Getting your data out of the cloud is an entirely different matter. And not just when we’re talking about permanent extraction and closing accounts.

All you need to know about cloud storage

In this blog, we look at how cloud storage solutions have evolved in recent years and explore some of the key connectivity considerations as businesses store more data in the cloud. Cloud storage is probably the oldest and most familiar cloud application, best defined as storing data on ‘someone else’s computer’.

What is an enterprise hybrid cloud?

Cloud computing offers a scalable, flexible, and adaptable way for your organisation to manage its IT infrastructure. It can reduce your running costs, enhance security, and ensure that your employees have access to the resources and digital tools they need to work effectively. But no single implementation of cloud computing will be identical. Many enterprise cloud approaches will be bespoke and hybrid, combining both public and private cloud solutions with on-premise infrastructure.

What is Cloud Connect: A beginner's guide to connecting

Cloud Connect offers a secure, reliable, dedicated connection between your organisation’s IT infrastructure and the cloud computing services it uses. It provides simple, seamless access to the cloud. If your organisation uses cloud applications, Cloud Connect is a technology you should seriously consider. To help you with that, here we explain what Cloud Connect is, how it works, and the benefits it could offer you.