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December 2023

Better Incidents Winter Bonfire: Inside On-Call

Engineers are bombarded with pages left and right. There's uncertainty about how to escalate. A constant blur exists between what's urgent and what can wait. This never-ending ping-pong game takes a toll. Burnout creeps in, and your engineering culture has taken a nose dive before you know it.

Now in beta: alerting for modern DevOps teams

Although FireHydrant has spent five years focused on what happens after your team (erg, I mean service 🙄) gets paged, the topic of alerting often comes up in discussions with our community. People are tired of paying big bucks for software that’s expensive, bloated, and hasn’t seen much innovation. Clearly, there’s a problem here – and we’re tackling it head on.

Captain's Log: Diving into our scheduling design

On-call scheduling is tricky. Like, really tricky. It was one of the scariest parts when we decided to build a modern alerting system earlier this year. We knew we couldn't cut any corners on Day One of our release because it needed to be a fully loaded feature for someone to realistically use our product (and replace an incumbent). This meant including windowed restrictions, coverage requests, and simple to complex rotations.