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October 2021

Now Available: Private Slack Channels

Ever heard the saying “Too many cooks”? If you’ve responded to incidents, you’ll likely understand the parallels. There are cases when incident command on a public channel isn’t the best option: Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered. Now available, users can spin up a private slack channel for an incident. Read more how to do this here.

FireHydrant expands Reliability Platform with Service Catalog

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of Service Catalog to help you better manage, query, and learn about the services that exist in your infrastructure. At FireHydrant, we envision a world where all software is reliable, and we’re on a mission to help every company that builds or operates software get closer to 100% reliability. Service Catalog helps you get closer to 100% reliability.

How Service Catalog Increases Productivity

Productivity is defined by measuring the amount of output over a given time frame. However, this discounts the quality of output, which is crucial in moving toward a more complete definition of productivity. Relating to services, increases in productivity generally highlight the amount of feature releases over time. This leaves out the critical measurement of quality compared to quantity. This is where a Service Catalog can greatly enhance true productivity within an engineering organization.