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September 2020

Build your API first

I have a beef with companies that don’t expose nearly everything their product can do with an API. I get anxious wondering, “why can I only do some of the things via the API? How is this sausage made?” Sure, there are plenty of examples of endpoints that shouldn’t be exposed, such as changing passwords probably should be kept private. Regardless, there are tons of examples of products that I can type in a field in the UI, but that field isn’t available in the API.

How FireHydrant's CI/CD infrastructure fixes bugs faster

Almost everyone knows that working with third-party APIs can be challenging. Sometimes the errors happen unexpectedly. Sometimes the error information that you receive is inaccurate. While most people feel these pains acutely, I’d like to share how we answer these challenges at FireHydrant and how it’s helped us avoid headaches and stress.

DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 Wrapup

DevOpsDays Chicago 2020 was held on September 1, online. It was the first time the conference was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was excited to attend for a couple of reasons. First, DevOpsDays Chicago is one of the better known and respected DevOpsDays held in the US. I’d never been able to attend it before, so it was great to get the opportunity. Also, I’d been missing the DevOpsDays community.