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April 2020

Failover Conf Wrapup

Failover Conf was held on April 21, 2020, online. The folks at Gremlin came up with the idea of a virtual conference about reliability after many in-person conferences started being postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. The conference was a lot of fun to attend. I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on the event and the talks I was able to catch. The videos for the talks haven’t been posted yet, but I’ll update this post with links to them when they are.

Advice for On-call Teams During COVID-19

I’ve offered some tips up for folks who are oncall during the COVID-19 crisis, but I thought it would be helpful to get some more ideas from people with different perspectives. So I reached out to some people I trust to see what they had to say. They all have different viewpoints, but some themes emerge, like managing alerts, having empathy, and practicing self-care. The participants, in alphabetical order: Aaron Aldrich is a Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, with a focus on DevOps.

Q&A with Alex Hidalgo on SLOs

Alex Hidalgo is a Site Reliability Engineer at Squarespace, and he’s currently writing a book called Implementing Service Level Objectives for O’Reilly Media. The first three chapters of the book are available now through O’Reilly’s early access program. I had a chance to read those chapters and ask Alex some questions about service level objectives and reliability. Thanks, Alex, for sharing your knowledge.