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March 2019

Budget Planning for Next-generation APM and Observability

If you’re trying to evaluate and understand the ROI of building an observability practice and carve out a budget for it, you’re not alone. You’ve probably got some monitoring and metrics capability already, but that’s proving to not be enough–how can you empower your teams as your environment becomes too complex for the basics? And how much will that cost?

Support Your Customers More Effectively with Honeycomb

Customer success can be a serious differentiator and competitive advantage for companies today. Everyone wants to ship quality products to their customers faster, and the rise of subscription-based pricing and SaaS applications in the last decade means that ensuring customer success is a more critical part of the business than ever.

BubbleUp Meets Tracing (and Other Odd-shaped Data)

A few weeks ago, BubbleUp came out of Beta. We’ve been getting fantastic user feedback on how BubbleUp helps users speed through the Core Analysis Loop and lets people find things they never could have found before. We’ve also been learning more about how BubbleUp works with Tracing, which unearthed some difficult issues. Today, we’re taking those head on.