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February 2020

5.4 Million Customers Risk Credit Card Theft with Khaadi

During research into client side attacks, we recently observed a skimmer loading on the popular Pakistani fashion website, Khaadi. Khaadi is a global brand including seven stores in the UK and the company boasts over 5.4 million followers on social media. Khaadi have faced negative press recently, after an uproar about inhuman workplace conditions in 2017, and narrowingly avoiding going into administration in 2019.

Understanding Element Waterfalls

Website speed and functionality are incredibly important. They directly affect the experience a user has and if they’ll make a purchase, contact the company or simply return again. Understanding Element Waterfalls can help identify issues such as slow load times and poor rendering which can quickly deter a user and impact their trust in your services. RapidSpike Page Performance Monitors (PPMs) load your web pages in real browsers and record Element Waterfalls in order to help find issues.

Top 3 RapidSpike E-commerce Tools: Part 3 - Security

Performance and security are the lifeblood of an e-commerce website. The moment pages start to slow down, or your customers fear their data may be at risk, is the moment your business starts to fail. This post is the third in a series exploring the key tools every ecommerce site needs running 24/7.